David Feldman Show: Animal & Human Death Panels

animal and human death panels

On today’s radio show we discuss Los Angeles’s animal killing machine, and Humana’s human killing machine. Carol Davis, Howie Klein, John Matthews and Michael Snyder. Originally broadcast 4/25/14.

One Response to David Feldman Show: Animal & Human Death Panels

  1. Jon Karnon April 29, 2014 at 2:30 am

    Picking up on the Howie Klein piece re Health insurance and pharmaceutical funding – the elephant in that room is the pharmaceutical industry and the prices they charge for drugs – $24,000 for a six month course! – here in Australia, Howie would need to be gaining the equivalent of an extra year of life for the government to fund that drug (unless it is a particularly rare condition he has) – this does not mean the drug would not be funded, but that Pharma reduce the price to the point at which the drug provides value for money – from a societal perspective, i.e. based on the health gains that could be gotten from spending the $24,000 on other forms of healthcare (it’s opportunity cost).

    Enjoying the longer less often format.

    When will the Ralph Nadar hour be on iTunes, or can I download that from somewhere else?


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