Comics In Trouble

Audiences are getting more and more offended these days. And they’re also getting more and more offensive.

Can a joke be tasteless? Fred Stoller, Jimmy Dore, Frank Conniff and Stefane Zamorano talk about offensive jokes, and even more offensive people in the audience.

One Response to Comics In Trouble

  1. chuck August 8, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    David, this was a good one. Dore’s take on Aurora and the victims was not offensive. What he said, sardonically and ironically, illuminated the hypocrisy that permeates american culture, where the difference between “victims” and “perpetrators” is frequently hard to discern. Whomever the media decides to make into the evening human interest story becomes deserving of an out pouring of charity, and by giving to this “worthy” cause, americans wash the blood from their hands without doing anything to prevent future tragedies…..

    Sorry but I’m pissed. Listened to Ry Cooders “Election Special” yesterday, and he, too, is mad as hell.

    Keep it up. Oh oh. Saying that, I have to add, that I wish I could share all your shows with my wife, but she would lose interest after the first expletive. I know you’ve talked about this before, but the roundtable might consider discussing how listeners and audience are lost when the 7 deadly words are used for shock and shock alone.


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