Howie Klein

June 11, 2012

Now a champion of progressive causes, Howie Klein spent his formative years as president of Reprise Records.

Originally Broadcast June 11, 2012. Howie Klein writes Down With Tyranny a progressive blog and is one of the founders of Act Blue a political action committee that supports progressive democratic candidates. On this program we discuss General Smedley Butler, The Business Plot, Progressive Causes, Drones, Habeas Corpus, Civil Liberties, and The Clash. Also a free wheeling conversation with Comedians Rick Overton, Kevin Rooney, Jeremy S. Kramer Eddie Pepitone and Frank Conniff.

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One Response to Howie Klein

  1. Shashi Dhungel June 16, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Glad the other side knows how to use money and not just Koch brothers. Klein is very smart I see why he has money.


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