Patric Verrone


Filling in for David, Steve Skrovan and Jerry Stahl talk to Emmy Award winning writer and former Writer’s Guild president, Patric Verrone about why he’s running for State Senate in California District 26, how he led the WGA through the strike of 2007-08 and his career writing for Johnny Carson, The Simpsons and Futurama. 

While writing on The Simpsons Verrone helped the writers find the money.
While writing on The Simpsons Verrone helped the writers find the money.

Verrone began his career as a variety show writer, which included a late 1980s job as monologue writer for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Shortly after his work on The Tonight Show, Verrone wrote for the popular animated program Rugrats in 1991. From there, he worked for the entirety of The Critic’s run on television, before moving on to write for Muppets Tonight (for which he won an Emmy) and Pinky and the Brain.

Eventually, Verrone became a major contributor for Futurama. Subsequently, he wrote an episode of The Simpsons (Milhouse of Sand and Fog (2005)), developed the Cartoon Network series Class of 3000 (including writing the pilot episode Home (2006)), and co-executive produced all four feature length Futurama direct-to-DVD movies.

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