Watch: Judith Miller, Dick Cheney’s Stooge In Promoting Iraq Invasion, Blames Obama

Judge Judy, and all the other Iraq apologists who refuse to go away.
Judge Judy, and all the other Iraq apologists who refuse to go away.

Judith Miller almost destroyed the New York Times when, during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, she took false information from Dick Cheney about Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons capability. Judith Miller violated New York Times editorial policy by not double sourcing information and pretty much served as the White House’s stenographer reporting whatever propaganda they wished to spew at the media. Cheney, who gave the false information to Miller, would then go on Meet The Press and quote her stories in the New York Times as though an independent journalist had verified Hussein’s nuclear capability. The New York Times eventually apologized for Judith Miller’s shoddy reporting, and fired her. Fox News rewarded Judith Miller’s lack of journalistic ethics with a job. Now as Americans angrily demand who is responsible for getting the Iraqis in this mess she goes on Fox to blame Obama and then at the same time insist that it’s not constructive to blame anyone for Iraq, but if you have to blame someone, blame Obama, don’t blame Dick Cheney or me for reporting his lies as fact. There’s not much we can do to save Iraq, but one of the things we can do to save America is punish Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol and the journalistic parrots who made this mess.

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