1. I always enjoy listening to your discussion with Zack Ford, and just wanted to add a few thoughts regarding this most recent interaction. I make a habit out of reading Rod Dreher on a near daily basis. I started about two years ago because I wanted to learn more what the “Never Trump” conservatives were thinking, and to read their arguments in their own words, rather than filtered through second hand accounts from progressive sources. These conservatives are few and far between, and I find in Mr. Dreher that there is a complexity to his thought that is interesting, that it is unfair to wave him off as a typical retrograde, neanderthal. I profoundly disagree with him on a few key issues — most obviously his virulent anti-homosexual stance (which makes me sometimes think he doth protest too much) — but on the matter of his faith as an Orthodox Christian (he converted to Orthodoxy after the Roman Catholic church’s pedophile scandals became universally known), I find it intriguing because spirituality and how one finds “truth” is a topic that is uniform across cultures. Religion, religious differences, ethnographic distinctions are questions that cut to the heart of the problems in Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and even in the US. So I guess I am, in a way, defending the value of reading Mr. Dreher, because his essays are compelling (like I said, sometimes I disagree vociferously, his post from yesterday does a deep dive into psychodelic drugs and how they lead to an almost universally spiritual discovery), and I wish that there were someone on the progressive left who wrote so eloquently about such profound issues — I have yet to find someone. I love reading Andrew Sullivan, now writing in NY Magazine, but he comes from the conservative side as well (although is in more alignment with my own views on homosexuality). So, if you or Zach Ford have recommendations on progressive essayists to supplement my daily reading, feel free to mention it on a future episode.


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