Apollo 13 Astronaut Fred Haise, 🚀 Episode 1345

We are honored to bring Astronaut Fred Haise to our microphones. From Apollo 13. Not the movie. THE Apollo 13. Astronaut Fred Haise’s new book, “Never Panic Early” tells the story of what it’s like to find yourself stranded in outer space after your mission to the moon gets scrubbed by an exploding oxygen tank. On today’s show, Fred, for the first time, relives his slingshot around the dark side of the moon as he watches newly compiled lunar satellite video that recreates his precise view from the cabin window fifty two years ago. NASA’s finest hour wasn’t landing a man on the moon and then safely returning him home to planet Earth. It was, instead, a team of dedicated scientists and specialists preventing an emergency from turning into a disaster. Sometimes our finest moment is not what we achieve but what we prevent. The story of Apollo 13 serves as a timeless reminder that there is no substitute for concentrating the mind on what’s mission critical. “Don’t Panic Early” is not just Fred Haise’s story, it’s a master’s class on keeping your wits about you while all others are losing theirs. Fred wrote the book with Bill Moore who also joins us. “Don’t Panic Early” can be purchased here: https://www.smithsonianbooks.com/stor…

Guests With Time Stamps:

05:38 David Does the News

43:00 “Travelin’ Light” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

53:17 “Stand Together” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

57:47 Fred Haise and Bill Moore (authors of “Never Panic Early: An Apollo 13 Astronaut’s Journey”) Fred Haise served as a backup Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 before serving as the Lunar Module Pilot for the Apollo 13 mission. Bill Moore is the author and coauthor of several books and periodical stories about aviation and space.

2:09:23 Howie Klein (founder and treasurer of The Blue America PAC and author of Down With Tyranny) Tuesday’s primaries are in California, New Jersey, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota. What to expect?

2:34:37 David Cobb (environmental activist and Green Party Presidential candidate) The very real threat of rising fascism in the US

2:52:51 Dr. Harriet Fraad (host of “Capitalism Hits Home”) Guns and masculinity

3:47:32 Stump The Humps. Quizmaster Dan Frankenberger administers a quiz on baby animals with contestant John Hays.

4:05:49 Peter B. Collins (Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame) YouTube deplatforms Peter’s interview with Greg Palast, who is one of the world’s leading experts on election integrity.

4:43:24 Professor Mary Anne Cummings (physicist and parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois)

5:09:15 Professor Mike Steinel (Jazz historian and Dylanologist)