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Dan Spencer is the author of several highly praised novels. His writing career began in 2001 with the independent publication of Four Wheels Good, a fictionalized account of the first men to drive across America. His experiences run the gamut from professional stand-up comedy to writing for a PBS television series to acting in independent films to standing naked in his shower. He has a BFD from the University of Nevermind and in his spare time he likes to blah blah blah blah blah… Look, I don’t mean to be an asshole, but a bio is irrelevant and, like most resumes, usually a crock of shit. When it comes to buying and reading my books, who I am should not be part of your decision-making process. Allow me to make my case. Did you know the following facts about the late Steve Jobs? He was a pescetarian. Only ate fish and vegetables. He was adopted. His biological father was a Syrian Muslim. He was a college drop out. He was a Buddhist. Does knowing that information have any meaningful effect on whether or not you buy iPods and iPhones? Probably not. Why? Because it’s not about the creator. IT’S ABOUT THE PRODUCT! Do you see my point? My past, my personal life, and who I know - and, believe me, I can drop some big names on you - shouldn’t matter one iota. If you want to know all about me, please read my novels. That’s where you’ll find me. Thanks, Dan
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