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Ralph Nader Radio Hour: Mark Green, Netanyahu, Hunger in Ohio


mark green

Former NYC Public Advocate and Nader’s Raider Mark Green engages Ralph in a lively debate over Hillary Clinton and the difference between a politician versus an advocate. We also delve into Israeli Prime Minister’s address to Congress and the letter to Iran signed by forty-seven Republicans. We also discuss those that the economic upturn have left behind in Ohio.

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Man Breaks Penis During Sex

Man ‘Breaks’ Penis During Sex, Hears It Snap [NSFW]

Love is a battlefield with wounds, scars, and for one man — a penile fracture. A 2014 case report (extremely NSFW) released Thursday by The New England Journal of Medicine reports that a 42-year-old Boston man was rushed to the emergency room after breaking his penis during aggressive sex. The bedroom freak incident occurred when the…

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Today’s Must Read

The fallen leaves of the Arab Spring

Doha, Qatar – The fourth anniversary of the birth of the Syrian revolt may be an opportune moment for Middle East mavens to take stock of the Arab Spring phenomenon and examine its competing narratives with the benefit of hindsight. However, for millions of Syrians trapped in a grinding conflict, the month of March can have…

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