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"Karen Simmons is a writer, Buddhist-Assassin, and Vegan-Avenger, who in addition to her busy duties as a story assistant for Shed Media and overworked personal valet to the cats who "allow" her to share their private domain, occasionally manages to find the time to scribble & submit the odd sketch or two to the Feldman podcast, where hopefully it will be brought to life over the airwaves by her Buddhist beau Mr. Pepitone and all the other funny & talented performers who dwell within the confines of the David Feldman Comedy Podcast universe. Ms. Simmons is also the co-writer of "Runyon: Just Above Sunset", the award-winning mockumentary series also co-written and starring the evervescent Mr. Pepitone, along with some other very funny lads of comic note, and which is now currently being released on dvd for your viewing pleasure!
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