Author: Troy Conrad

About Troy Conrad An award winning filmmaker, comic, writer, and producer, the projects Troy has produced, directed, and appeared in have hits in the millions. He is the executive producer of The David Feldman Show on KPFK Pacifica Radio, Director of the award winning film series, “Runyon: Just Above Sunset,” and creator and co-producer with Paul Provenza and Barbara Romen on the improvised stand-up show, Set List, currently running in Los Angeles and touring the UK, Australia, and beyond. Troy Conrad can be heard regularly on Sirius/XM, and his work has been featured on The Thom Hartmann Program and The Young Turks. Completing the writing programs at Second City Los Angeles Conservatory, iO West, and UCB Theatre, he has written for The Jay Mohr Roast on NBC, and continues to write and produce weekly content for radio, video, and the stage. He performs at comedy clubs throughout the U.S., and festivals including Montreal, Dublin, Calgary, Vancouver, and Edinburgh, and London. The live DVD, “The Comedy Jesus Show,” is available at stores throughout North America. An explicitly anti-Wal-Mart film, it is also available on the Wal-Mart website. After performing with Arizona’s professional Shakespeare company, Southwest Shakespeare, he moved to Los Angeles for the good soil to grow creative projects with integrity. Troy will be at next summer's Just for Laughs Festivals in Chicago and Montreal. His dream is to someday own a corporation that sits on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Howard Bloom

An interview with American author Howard Bloom. Mr. Bloom first worked as a a publicist for singers and bands such as Prince, Billy Joel, and Styx. He has published three books on human evolution and group behavior, The Genius of the Beast, The Global Brain and The Lucifer Principle. This interview was conducted by our Executive producer Troy Conrad and was edited by Alicia Cordova. Please subscribe to us on iTunes and like our show on Facebook.

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Hurricane Perry

Obama’s I Have A Dream Speech. FEEEMA. Gaddafy’s Son. Notorious DSK. Heckling Politicians. Earthquakes. Archie Bunker’s Conservative Reboot. With Paul Dooley, Mike MacRae, Eddie Pepitone, Frank Conniff, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Kevin Rooney, Mark Thompson and Ron Babcock. Written by Steve Rosenfield, Frank Conniff, Eddie Pepitone, Mike MacRae, and Ron Babcock. Special material by Alex Steen. Executive Producer Troy Conrad. Originally broadcast on Pacifica Radio Please subscribe to us on iTunes. And tell your friends. Please.

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Andrea Martin Plays With Us

Andrea Martin performs “Jew or Nazi?” She sings, “Making Love To Feldman” and then talks shop with us. We hear from the Bush Meat Advisory Council. Andrea, Jane Edith Wilson and Stef look for gas. Eddie eats a panda while Joseph Cotton returns from the dead to besmirch Koko The Gorilla.  Written by Steve Rosenfield, Ned Rice and Jim Earl. Words and music by Alan Chapman. Featuring Jane Edith Wilson, Stefane Zamorano Karen Benjamin, Troy Conrad, Eddie Pepitone, Mark Thompson, Jim Earl, Jimmy Dore, and Alan Chapman. Mixed and engineered by Alex Steen. Executive producer Troy Conrad.

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Fame, Porn, & Masturbation

Marc Maron’s head explodes when David asks if masturbation is a form of prayer. Along with James Adomian, Eddie Pepitone and Troy Conrad at  Vancouver’s Global Comedy Festival recorded live at the Music Box Theater, featuring a sketch by Jim Earl who stayed in America due to his fear of bed bugs. Send some comics to a foreign land the subject inevitably turns to internet porn, I Thou, Martin Luther King and masturbation. Special thanks to Will Davis from Destination Funny and the people of Canada.

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