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Frank Santorelli

Boston Comic Frank Santorelli played Georgie on The Sopranos and has appeared in countless movies including Meet The Parents and No Reservations. As part of our continuing obsession with The Sopranos Frank talks about working on the greatest show in television history. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, and please do all you Christmas and Holiday shopping via our Amazon links since we get a small percentage.

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Alt-Right Comedy

Comedian Frank Santorelli from the Sopranos talks about working on the greatest show in television history. Jeet Heer, senior editor of the New Republic, talks about bigotry masquerading as comedy. Jeet Heer is a senior editor at the New Republic who has published in a wide array of journals including The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and VQR. He is the author of two books: In Love With Art: Francoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman (Coach House Books) and Sweet Lechery: Essays, Profiles and Reviews (Porcupine’s Quill). He has co-edited eight books and served as a contributing editor on another eight volumes. With Kent Worcester, Heer co-edited A Comics Studies Reader (University Press of Mississippi), which won the Peter C. Rollins Book Award given annually to the best book in American Studies or Cultural Studies. He’s been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship.

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Howie Klein on Bob Dylan

Howie Klein on Bob Dylan, sugar lobbyists, Jill Stein, and recent sexual allegations toward Trump. Howie writes for the Down With Tyranny! blog. Today’s podcast is brought to you by fresh – get a 30-Day Free Trial at Subscribe to our show on iTunes. More at

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