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June 30, 2018

Roseanne fired me 25 years ago from her sitcom. So People asked me to comment. Here was my response:

Hi Christina,
Yeah, I didn’t want to comment on Roseanne. She is a severely mentally ill individual who is given way too much oxygen by the media, and ABC. Enough time has passed for me to thank you for contacting me, but I will not be commenting. Roseanne is a symptom of a diseased system that temporarily rewards spark and controversy to distract from the underlying illness of wealth concentration. She provided Disney an opportunity to appear inclusive through her show and subsequent firing. But Disney is gobbling up all the jobs, destroying unions suppressing wages and manufacturing toys in undemocratic regimes that torture the LGBTQ community. The Roseanne reboot will offer up an earnest portrayal of the working family’s struggle, which is the height of hypocrisy considering Disney’s role in paying wage slaves to its theme park employees.
I know you’re not interested in that part of the Roseanne story. That’s the story you can’t tell. And that’s why I waited to comment. You’re only doing your job. You’re not hurting anybody. It’s People. I get it. But my comments are not appropriate for your magazine.
Thanks again,
David Feldman
Medicare For All

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Bill Scheft’s March Madness

Comedy Writer, Comedian, Sports Columnist, Novelist and Drummer Bill Scheft has lost more than 419 Prime Time Emmys. Comedian Joe DeVito remembers Pol Pot’s thing for eyeglasses. And then we meet Professor Katie Porter who is running for California’s 45th Congressional district.

Professor Porter has been endorsed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. And is also endorsed by Howie Klein.

Bill Scheft is best known for being a Letterman writer from 1991-2015. He ran a weekly humor column over at Sports Illustrated called “The Show.” A collection of his columns, The Best of “The Show”, was published by 2005.

Scheft is the author of four novels: The Ringer (2002), Time Won’t Let Me (2005), Everything Hurts (2009) and Shrink Thyself (2014). Time Won’t Let Me was a finalist for the 2006 Thurber Prize for American Humor. Both The Ringer and Everything Hurts have been optioned for film.


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Bill Scheft on Olympic Nip Slips

Comedy Writer and Sports Columnist Bill Scheft stops by to talk about French Figure Skater Gabriella Papdakis’ Olympic Nip Slip.
Listen to entire episode here:

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Purchase David’s comedy album Left Without Paying here:

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Dr. Jason Westin For Congress (Texas 7th)

Comedy Writer and Sports Columnist Bill Scheft on Olympic nip slips, Comic Joe DeVito on that airline passenger who wouldn’t stop farting, and Comic Aaron Berg on that wife of his who won’t stop nagging. 


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Laura House’s Mouth Punch

Plus Comics Tommy McNamara & Tom Thakkar, Aaron Berg, and Joe DeVito.

Laura House is an actress, comic, writer and teacher. Her new album is Mouth Punch.

Laura was discovered in Austin, Texas while performing stand-up comedy at night and teaching seventh grade by day. She was featured in HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival, then starred on Mtv’s first scripted sit-com “Austin Stories.” Later she performed on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and other stand-up shows while continuing acting and writing. She played a hillbilly slut opposite Natalie Portman in “Where the Heart is.” Laura has written on hit TV shows including the Emmy-winning “Samantha Who?” and “Mom.” She has developed a “Super Mom” show with Barry Sonnenfeld for ABC, a sketch show featuring Rachel Crow for Nickelodeon and a lady-slacker show with Katey Sagal for FX.

She’s published in three books, including “True Tales of Lust and Love,” “Comedy Film Nerds Guide to the Movies, and “Stricken: The 5000 Stages of Grief.”

She’s an LA favorite at stand-up and storytelling shows. She also teaches pitching, writing and meditation.

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