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David Feldman Radio Show

David Feldman Radio Show: Is Uber Exploiting Our Vets?

Avi Asher Shapiro joins the show to talk about his recent Verge article which examines Uber's push to hire 50,000 vets, but are our military being taken for a ride?From the look of it,...

David Feldman Radio Show: Midterm Elections with Howie Klein

Howie Klein on the midterms, the CIA, and why American's should stop picking the lesser of two evils. Plus Will Ryan and the Cactus County Cowboys.

David Feldman Radio Show: The myth of our sharing economy

Avi Asher-Schapiro joins the show to talk about the unfair practices of Uber, and how the sharing economy is really nothing more than a myth.

California’s Fight To Curb Campus Rape

Highlights from the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, film critic Michael Snyder on which films to watch and which to avoid, and Pacifica Radio's John Matthews talks about California's effort to curb campus rape.

Is America OK with Gay Marriage?

First, a highlight from this week's  Ralph Nader Radio Hour where Ralph discusses smart meters in our homes. Then Pacifica Radio's John Matthews on a poll about American's tolerance of gay marriage. Michael Snyder...

3 Still Standing

Film critic Michael Snyder stops by to review this week's latest movies to watch and avoid. Pacific Radio's reporter John Matthews on the recent controversies involving the NFL and their players. Documentary film director...

America’s Drug War

Pacifica Radio's John Matthews talks with David about America's Drug War. Judy Gold and Henriette Mantel on the passing of comedy legend Joan Rivers. Steve Skrovan, the co-host of The Ralph Nader Radio Hour...

From The Archives: Robin Williams

Paul Dooley, Jeremy Kramer, Rick Overton, Chris Pina, Janie Haddad Tompkins, and Robin Williams. Musical Guest Will Ryan And The Cactus County Cowboys. Written by Dylan Brody, Frank Conniff, Ray James, Guy Nicolucci, Steve...

Joan Rivers About To Get Kicked Out of Writers Guild For “Scabbing”

Under Deal Made With Guild in 2013 Rivers Promised to Stop Writing During Strike, But Rivers Continues To Write Violating Union Rules Joan Rivers could face expulsion from the Writers Guild of America for failure...

David Feldman Show: CBS News Correspondent Ed Rabel Talks About His Run For Congress

West Virginia voters in the second congressional district have a chance to vote for the Independent Ed Rabel who takes no corporate funding. One of Cronkite's boys, Rabel is a legendary radio, TV and...

David Feldman Show: Ralph Nader Answers Questions From Listeners

If you have a question for Mr. Nader please go to www.RalphNaderRadioHour.com and hit the "Ask Ralph" button. The Ralph Nader Radio Hour is produced out of the KPFK studios in Los Angeles for...

David Feldman Show: Is Rush Limbaugh Making Americans Ignorant?

When it comes to Climate Change is Rush Limbaugh making his listeners ignorant? John Matthews from Pacifica Radio joins us. Originally broadcast on the David Feldman Show. http://youtu.be/f4pntMYv-mM
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