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Have You Even Read the United States Constitution?


‘Have You Even Read the United States Constitution?’

It wasn’t the most eloquent speech. It didn’t have the booming delivery and thundering applause lines of several of the politicians, preachers and celebrities who’ve spoken at the Democratic National Convention this week. But the somber remarks by Khzir Khan, the father of a U.S. Army solider killed in Iraq, were some of the most poignant…

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Let Justice Roll Down | The Nation

From 1961 to 1966, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. wrote an annual essay for The Nation on the state of civil rights and race relations in America. This article originally appeared in the March 15, 1965, issue. When 1963 came to a close, more than a few skeptical voices asked what substantial progress had been achieved through the demonstrations that had drawn more than a million Negroes into the streets. Mont

Source: Let Justice Roll Down | The Nation

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