Comic Ted Alexandro & Chokwe Pitchford Candidate for MI’s 79th Episode 1176

Topics: Trump’s short list to replace RBG; If Pelosi and Schumer won’t shut the government down to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee they won’t ever fight for us; Impeach Bill Barr A.S.A.P.; Biden needs to talk about I.C.E. sterilizing women; Biden can’t save the planet if he won’t ban fracking; Treasury Dept.’s secret investigation reveals ALL major banks launder more than two trillion dollars for Latin American drug cartels, Russian oligarchs and Trump cronies

Guests and Time Code: (1:47) Political Satirist Ted Alexandro, whose new one hour special “Cut/Up” is now on YouTube. Host of “The Ted Alexandro Show” also on YouTube. (34:43) Comic Joe DeVito, whose new special “First of All” is now on Dry Bar Comedy (1:03:00) Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling (1:22:07) Professor Mike Steinel debuts his latest, “Merchant of Chaos” (1:44:14) Comic Aaron Berg, whose new special is “25 Sets” streaming on iTunes and Amazon (2:02:03) Comic Pete Dominick, host of “StandUP with Pete Dominick” (2:37:33) Lance Jeffries and Kathleen Ashe (2:53:48) Jeff Blackwood, Democratic strategist from the dark reaches of the far Left (3:08:59) Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk’s the largest comedy chain in North America (3:36:00) Zack Ford, press secretary for Alliance for Justice on the fight to replace RBG (4:08:21) Emil Guillermo, host of “The PETA Podcast” (4:36:00) Howie Klein, founder and treasurer of The Blue America PAC and Down With Tyranny (5:08:00) Howie Klein introduces us to Chokwe Pitchford, candidate for Michigan’s 79th District House of Rep. who insists, “We only run forward, together.” (5:35:08) Dr. Harriet Fraad, host of “When Capitalism Hits Home” and “It’s Not Just In Your Head” (6:08:22) Kelly Stone, sex educator, baby mama, comedian and Texas politician (6:34:42) Professor Harvey J. Kaye author of “FDR on Democracy” (7:20:00) Dan Frankenberger in the newsroom with “Community Billboard” (7:45:00) Professor Mike Steinel’s “Merchant of Chaos” and “The David Feldman Show Love Theme

Music: “Merchant of Chaos,” “The David Feldman Show Love Theme,” “Harvey J. Kaye Love Theme” and “Hard Times In The City” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel. “Joe DeVito Love Theme” written by Jim Mahood