Great Britain Gets Another Horrible Prime Minister, Episode 1367

Topics: Judge grants Trump a Special Master; Who is Liz Truss?; Dana White from UFC doesn’t provide healthcare to his fighters and is a union buster; Chile votes down new constitution

00:01:43 David yells at his “staff” for Labor Day

00:05:52 Christian Smalls’ latest victory of Amazon

00:11:21 UFC’s Dana White is a union buster

00:18:10 Labor Day weekend’s epidemic of gun violence

00:22:08 David explains why Trump took those classified files

00:27:14 Bill Barr shocks Fox News viewers when he tells them the truth about Trump and those files

00:31:50 California’s fires and record heat

00:33:30 Britain’s new prime minister is Liz Truss

00:39:43 Midterms just 63 days away

00:49:56 Trump holds a rally Saturday in Pennsylvania

01:38:09 Comedy Writer Dave Sirus talks UFC and Racist dog whistles

02:00:15 Howie Klein from Down With Tyranny on Chile voting down a new constitution, and what to expect for our midterms

02:29:48 David Cobb and Howie Klein talk music

02:53:01 Dr. Harriet Fraad and David Cobb talk capitalism and how to reverse it

03:39:32 Ethan Herschenfeld talks about his opera career

04:09:39 Quizmaster Dan Frankenberger tests Lane from Seaham, Ethan and David on their knowledge of camera

04:28:18 Lane from Seaham on the elections in the UK

04:45:19 Professor Mike Steinel

05:18:19 “The Ron DeSantis Blues” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel