Make A Fist For Morey

Starring Jeff Garlin and Carlos Alazraqui. In our first musical, Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin returns from Afghanistan to talk about his shows for the troops and reveals that he’s Eddie Pepitone’s kid brother. Before Jeff can do his dance number Eddie stops the show to confront Jeff about stealing his birthright. Jeff storms off the stage broken hearted. Jim tries to get Jeff to come back on the show by paying a visit to his hotel room, and runs into the late great Morey Amsterdam played by Carlos Alazraqui. Jim soon learns that Jeff Garlin has become one of the world’s biggest heroin dealers. Jim tries heroin for the first time and is suddenly inspired to finish his concept album “Shooting Heroin In Outer Space.” The show comes to a complete halt when Morey says, “Blessed be the joke maker.”   Jim becomes a huge success, and when Cliff The Security Guard tells David that Jim is now sleeping with David’s stalker David goes ballistic. When it becomes painfully obvious that David is no longer more popular than Jim, David’s OCD acts up and he refuses to stop cleaning. As Jim becomes more distant, David insists that Eddie patch things up with his baby brother Jeff Garlin. Eddie refuses.  David takes matters into his own hands by paying a visit to Jeff Garlin’s hotel room where Morey Amsterdam and Jeff cure David of his OCD by getting him addicted to heroin. Heroin turns David into a rail thin, sexy comic who turns the podcast into a revolutionary arm of left wing radicals trying to overthrow the government. Eddie becomes concerned that the podcast is going downhill as David and Jim seem to spend more time with the monkeys on their backs than they do worrying about the podcast. Jim’s monkey taunts Eddie. Eddie decides to confront his baby brother and pays a visit to Jeff Garlin’s hotel room.  Jeff and Eddie patch things up by sharing the pain of being second bananas. Then Morey and Jeff get Eddie addicted to heroin. Jim, Eddie and David now spend all their time sitting around shooting smack. Jim is concerned that David is concerned that he’s sharing dirty needles with the monkey on his back. Jim accuses Eddie of having anal sex with the monkey on his back. Meanwhile Eddie turns into Hollywood’s biggest male model. But modeling career ends when he is attacked by heroin addicted humming birds. The podcast lays in ruins as Eddie lays at death’s door. Dr. Conrad Murray refuses to give Eddie heroin to ease the pain. The pentagon pays a visit to Eddie’s hospital room to inform him that he’s meddled with the New World Order by shooting all the heroin in Afghanistan. Jim, David and Eddie are told that if there is no heroin, there can be no war. And if there’s no war there’s no profit. Eddie, Jim and David promise not to do so much heroin to help keep the war in Afghanistan going. Our Show stars Jeff Garlin, Carlos Alazraqui, Eddie Pepitone, Jim Earl, Troy Conrad, Jimmy Dore, Jane Edith Wilson, Alan Chapman, Stefane Zamorano, Comedy’s Ron Babcock, and David Feldman. Sound effects generously provided by Carlos Alazraqui. Tonight’s show was written by Steve Rosenfield, Jim Earl, Jose Arroyo, and David Feldman. Music and Lyrics provided by Alan Chapman with special material provided by Jose Arroyo. Our executive producer is Troy Conrad. Tonight’s show is mixed and edited by Alex Steen. Please subscribe to us on iTunes.