Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband Comes To His Senses & Files For Divorce, Episode 1374

Topics: Marjorie Taylor Green’s husband files for divorce; Ron DeSantis learns it’s not the flood of migrants he has to worry about; Bernie might run again; Joe Biden is looking for dead people; Virginia Thomas testifies 00:00:00 Introduction

00:04:22 Latest on Ian

00:06:38 The sharks start swimming through the streets of Fort Myers, Florida

00:07:25 Ron DeSantis appointee caught wearing a KKK outfit

00:09:21 Oil and gas companies are to blame for Ian

00:10:50 Jamie Dimon’s JP Morgan Chase is the single largest investor in fossil fuel

00:12:01 Ron DeSantis made it illegal for towns in Florida to switch from natural gas to renewable energy

00:16:14 David craps on an old comedy writing friend who’s now a DeSantis supporter

00:19:26 Ron DeSantis is evil

00:20:07 David tries his hand at religious intolerance and blames Ian on Ron DeSantis

00:21:02 Is this hurricane the Lord’s way of saying DeSantis is wicked?

00:24:52 Joe Manchin is also responsible for Ian

00:25:28 Fox News meteorologist draws testicles on the map of Florida

00:27:37 Ron DeSantis has a woman signing for the deaf and she’s freaking out

00:29:21 White House press conference goes off the rails

00:30:50 Bernie’s thinking of running again

00:33:13 Joe Biden is looking for dead people

00:35:28 Donald Trump and the N Word

00:37:26 Putin facing resistance from his own soldiers

00:38:13 Who blew up Russia’s gas line?

00:39:00 Charlie Kirk suggests the CIA is responsible for the gas leaks

00:48:15 Marjorie Taylor Green’s husband files for divorce

00:50:12 Jeff Bezos’ fist wife divorces again

00:52:44 Virginia Thomas testifies before the January 6 committee

00:54:39 JR Majewsky forced to defend his war record yet again

01:00:19 The Heritage Foundation celebrates fascists in Italy and Neo Nazis in Sweden

01:05:22 Jon Ross has a serious problem with David defending Queen Elizabeth and the monarchy

01:29:23 Sir Arthur Greeb Streebling recalls growing up with King Charles

01:42:35 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:45:44 Professor Ben Burgis talks about his latest column in Jacobin on Cuba finally voting to recognize the rights of the LGBTQ community

02:02:43 The Philip Herschenfeld and Ethan Herschenfeld on Love and Suffering

02:34:16 “I’m Traveling Light” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

02:39:14 Emil Guillermo talks about Ron DeSantis’s cruelty

03:12:42 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn dissects five religious extremists

04:06:52 Florida Man tells us how Florida is doing

04:13:08 The Professor and Mary Anne: Professors Cummings, Li and Bick on the latest in Ukraine. Plus Joe in Norway cooks for us

05:11:46 “Amazon Hell” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel and Rosana Eckert

05:16:00 Professor Harvey J. Kaye on the reissue of his first book “The British Marxist Historians”

05:21:04 Dave in PA makes a sunflower

05:44:31 Matt Strackbein on his new book about Leftist podcasters