Merch Survey

We’ve been wanting to sell merch for a while, but we just didn’t feel good about using companies like RedBubble or Threadless. After doing some research, and selling a small amount of merch using those two providers, we’ve decided to take the plunge and offer up proper David Feldman Show merchandise from a union shop. We need to be able to support the show financially, and we recognize that not everyone can make a monthly donation.

We’d like to know what kinds of merch might be appealing to you, or even if you want merch at all. Your feedback is important to us, and it’s going to drive our decision making when it comes to the kinds of items we offer for sale, or if we even decide to proceed with offering it.

Unlike RedBubble, this is more of a commitment on our part, so we want to be sure that there’s a desire for it. To reiterate: this will be merchandise printed and fulfilled by a union shop, on materials made right here in the USA.