Mika Brzezinski Says Ok To Beat Children


Listen to how the guys on Morning Joe all laugh as Mika Brzezinski describes her brutal beatings as a teenager. Then she informs us that, “sometimes a teenager deserves a good beating.”

Why am I posting it? Because Morning Joe consistently glosses over and normalizes the Trump atrocities much the same way they laugh off and normalize Mika’s beatings. Tells you exactly who these people are. The end of our republic is OK as long as these tools get to sit in the VIP section.

Mika is no role model for our daughters.

Meanwhile Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski said this about Senator Elizabeth Warren:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: There’s a huge part of the country that doesn’t think [Donald Trump is a disaster], and she might want to be a little bit inclusive, instead of sounding like the people she is accusing of being exclusive. She’s just got to stop, I’m sorry. It is getting exhausting. And this was not helpful during the campaign, it wasn’t. There’s an anger there that was shrill, and a step above what it needed to be. Unmeasured and almost unhinged.

Then she went and had a meeting with Ivanka Trump. Something to do about a book. I don’t know. And then went to a Trump party in Mar a Lago. Anyway, I’ve been holding on to this for a long time, didn’t want to post it. But if you want insight into what kind of people attack Senator Warren while laughing off child abuse, it’s all here.

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