Kitten Has Jazz Hands

Kitty got Jazz hands! all life is precious, instead of eating an animal adopt one.
Kitten has Jazz hands! All life is precious, instead of eating an animal adopt one.

Liberals can talk all they want to about war, poverty, climate change and blame President Obama’s inaction, or greedy Wall Street, but the brutal reality is until you change the cells comprising your body, and by that I mean switching to a plant based diet, you have no right to complain about global warming, Wall Street avarice or America’s predilection towards violence. When you eat meat, beef, chicken, turkey fish, dairy, and dairy is my weakness, I sometimes eat cheese, when you eat something that was once alive you ingest the greed, the hate and the pollution that, more than oil, is destroying our planet. Even worse you provide financial succor to the nefarious people and corporations who have turned America over to the plutocrats who believe they can destroy everything just because they own it.– David Feldman.


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