Supporting People in Need

Normally this page is where you’d find my pitch asking you to support the show. This is a small, independent podcast that can use all the help it can get, but at this time there are people hurting. There are elderly people stuck at home who need support, there are kids going to bed hungry, there are countless laid-off service industry workers without an income, and they all need our help.

As I’ve made clear, I’m a Bernie Bro (from way back), and Bernie Sanders has been using his platform to raise money for a group of vitally important aid organizations helping those impacted by the nationwide shutdowns due to COVID-19.

Please use this link to donate what you can to support five important charities that are helping people deal with the economic fallout of COVID-19. None of this money goes to the Sanders’ campaign, it is split between Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, One Fair Wage Emergency Fund, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

I also ask that you support St. Jude’s Hospital. They treat children with cancer, never turning anyone away in financial need.

And, of course, you can always help out by leaving us a good review on iTunes and sharing the show with your friends.

If you’re feeling flush, have done all of the above, and still want to donate to support the show, please use the donation links below, or sign up to support us via our brand-new Patreon page. Thank you for listening, and thank you for your support.