American Women Can’t Find An Abortion Or Baby Formula, Episode 1338

Topics: Outlaw The Kentucky Derby; J.D. Vance’s phony populism; That female prison guard; Admitting you’re wrong;

Guests with time codes:

00:35 David Does the News: Infant formula shortage; Starbucks fires union organizers; Record gun deaths in America; Record drug overdoses in America; Inflation; ICE is America’s Gestapo

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Why Are So Many Republicans Assaulting Women? Episode 1337

We take a look at all the Republican candidates accused of rape, assault and murder and how their violence against women relates to the GOP’s position on abortion; David de Jong, author of Nazi Billionaires, tells us how Germany’s wealthiest families hide their lucrative Nazi past; We meet Joe Thompson, a 19-year-old Starbucks union organizer who’s now a candidate for California State assembly; Jason Myles explains how exactly the CIA was able to fund the Contras by dumping cocaine into America’s inner cities; Peter B. Collins outlines the twenty countries where Joe Biden’s foreign policy has made things worse; Professor Adnan Husain tells us what happened in France’s presidential election, and why it’s bad news for Muslims and McKinsey; Dr. Harriet Fraad says overturning Roe is a giant leap towards fascism; Texas Tom Webber offers consensus on a woman’s right to choose. Topics: Russian ambassador attacked with red paint; Vladimir Putin celebrates Russia’s defeat of Hitler; America has more restrictive abortion laws than most Muslim nations;

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Abortion Is NOW A MALE Justice’s Decision NOT A WOMAN’S, Episode 1336

#Abortion Is NOW A Male Justice’s Decision NOT A WOMAN’S How Democrats used Abortion as a fundraising ploy but never cared to pass a law protecting it. Plus Ukraine, and the recent attack on Dave Chapelle. The Democrats had decades to pass a law making abortion legal. They didn’t. Now Nancy Pelosi says she wants to pass that law, but at the same time supports anti abortion Democrats like Congressman Henry Cuellar. New evidence has emerged showing Joe Biden could have done more to stop Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Dave Chapelle was attacked by a homeless lunatic. Why was Chapelle’s security team allowed to break the guy’s arm and then stomp him in the face? Topics: Dave Chappelle physically attacked on stage; Federal Reserve raises interest rates; Stock Market tanks; Progressive Champion Nina Turner loses big in Ohio primary; Does Putin have cancer?; Is America helping Ukraine kill all those Russian generals?; Nancy Pelosi says she wants legislation that enshrines a woman’s right to choose, so why is she endorsing Pro Life Congressman Henry Cuellar instead of Jessica Cisneros? Special Guest Bill Baird, America’s leading advocate for reproductive rights.

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How Tucker Carlson Survived An Abusive Mother, Episode 1335

Much of today’s conversation returns to The New York Times’ new expose on Tucker Carlson which reveals Tucker Carlson was abandoned by his mother at the age of eight because she hated him. According to the Times, Tucker’s mom fed him amphetamines, alcohol and marijuana while he was still in grade school. According to The New York Times, Carlson’s mother moved to France when Tucker was eight and he never saw her again. After Tucker’s mom died she reportedly left him exactly one dollar in her will. Topics: Hitler wasn’t Jewish; Putin’s Wagner Group and why he needs to DeNazify Russia; Can Nina Turner win today?; Supreme Court about to overturn Roe; Amazon Labor Union loses in Staten Island; Dennis Prager is a lying ignorant bigot #TuckerCarlson #Roe #DennisPrager

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Biden To Send More Weapons To Ukraine, Episode 1334

We focus on Biden’s call to escalate the fighting in Ukraine with Biden officials saying they are fine with Ukraine invading Russia. Topics: Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Val Broeksmit Found Dead; Biden asks Congress for 33 billion dollars more in military assistance for Ukraine; United Nations Secretary General António Guterres says all war is a crime; NATO’s Article 5; U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he’s OK with Ukraine invading Russia; Lockheed Martin’s stock soars like a missile; #ValBroeksmit #DeutscheBank #LockheedMartin

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Twitter Deplatforms Itself, Episode 1333

Topics: Musk buys Twitter; Marine Le Pen’s nationalism not so national; Melissa Lucio; Ethiopia; Santa Claus is running for Congress; Ron Desantis takes on Disney; The GOP’s hatred for women; UFC worker’s rights; Free Juliane Assange; Why Twitter should pay you; Title 42; Biden’s failed China policy

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