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Antifa Is Not A Real Thing, Episode 1411

David does The News

00:00 Not saying the name George Santos

01:33 Trump caught cheating at golf. Shocking!

03:12 Trump attends Diamond’s funeral

04:48 Mike Pence admits to keeping classified documents in his home

08:47 Don Junior signs for the hard of hearing

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The George Santos Saga Continues, Episode 1410

Howie Klein from Down With Tyranny gives us the latest in the never-ending George Santos saga; we discuss Joe Biden’s new chief of staff and why he’s a horrible choice; and the speech Bernie gave last week was the most important most under-reported story of the year.

And I have some thoughts about guns in America, Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, Diamond and Silk, and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rise to power.

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Who Just Became The Most Stupid Trump? Episode 1407

It was some serious stiff competition, but guess who officially just became the most stupid Trump? Why is Donald Trump’s mishandling of classified documents far worse than Joe Biden’s? George Santos tells small lies, and then he tells REALLY BIG lies. What is his relationship with Russia? Howie Klein, from Down With Tyranny, weeks before the Washington Post broke the story today, has been tracing the financial connections between George Santos and Russian oligarchs. What is Putin’s hold over Santos, Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans in Washington? How will this effect America’s funding for the war in Ukraine?

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Will Congress Ever Elect A Speaker? Episode 1403

Three days, 11 votes, and still no Speaker. Is there a path forward for House Republicans without Kevin McCarthy? Who in that party comes close to hitting the magic number of 218 votes? Congressman Alan Grayson represented Florida’s eighth and ninth congressional districts. He explains all the options on the table.

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Why Santos Should Be Speaker 13103

Guests: Professors Mary Anne Cummings, Adnan Husain, Ann Li, Jonathan Bick, Dr. Philip Herschenfeld and Comedian Ethan Herschenfeld.

Topics: George Santos, why we lie, and why we’re so willing to believe; Remembering Pele; Ukraine; Was there really a plan to kidnap the governor of Michigan?; Ukraine and what’s in the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill Biden just signed?  

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