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How Inflation Numbers Get Inflated, Episode 1297

Topics: Chris Cuomo; Alec Baldwin; Vice President Kamala Harris; Devin Nunes; Kennedy Center Honors; Crime has always been going up, but nobody counts corporate crime; Inflation has always been going up but nobody counts the skyrocketing cost of healthcare, college or housing.

Guests With Time Stamps:

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The Professional Managerial Classholes, Episode 1295

Everything bad in American is traced back to its professional managerial class, the highly credentialed self dealing charlatans carrying water for the richest one percent. We talk with Professor Catherine Liu author of the classic “Virtue Hoarders: The Case Against The Professional Managerial Class.”

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Biden’s Tanks Giving With War Profiteer David Rubenstein, Episode 1294

David Rubenstein, founder of The Carlyle Group, is said to be the single largest war profiteer in the world. Why is President Biden and his family of grifters spending Thanksgiving weekend staying inside Rubenstein’s $30 million dollar Nantucket estate? What exactly is The Carlyle Group? Does Biden even know that the Bin Laden family was one of the The Carlyle Group’s earliest investors?Along with the Bush family? Why does a war profiteer like David Rubenstein chair the Council on Foreign Relations, or The Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts? David Rubenstein donates fifteen million dollars to Ken Burns and millions more to the PBS and then mysteriously ends up with his own television show on the PBS. How is that ethical? Why do so few people know where Rubenstein’s blood money comes from? Why is the The Carlyle Group allowed to play the stock market while at the same time own NSA and CIA contractor Booz Allen? Why does a private investor like David Rubenstein have access to our government’s intelligence agencies? It’s a Feldsgiving celebration! Turkey-optional. Genocidal colonial history- acknowledged. Tonight we give thanks for our guests’ intellectual bounty. Like the early Euro-American colonists, David arrives on the shores of tonight’s taping without any resources. Will he find people naïve and generous enough to offer their talents, not realizing he’ll suck them dry and leave them with nothing? Audience questions, our friendly neighborhood Canadians, and any Americans who don’t have something better to do round out tonight’s Feldsgiving lineup.

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