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Biden To Send More Weapons To Ukraine, Episode 1334

We focus on Biden’s call to escalate the fighting in Ukraine with Biden officials saying they are fine with Ukraine invading Russia. Topics: Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Val Broeksmit Found Dead; Biden asks Congress for 33 billion dollars more in military assistance for Ukraine; United Nations Secretary General António Guterres says all war is a crime; NATO’s Article 5; U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he’s OK with Ukraine invading Russia; Lockheed Martin’s stock soars like a missile; #ValBroeksmit #DeutscheBank #LockheedMartin

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Twitter Deplatforms Itself, Episode 1333

Topics: Musk buys Twitter; Marine Le Pen’s nationalism not so national; Melissa Lucio; Ethiopia; Santa Claus is running for Congress; Ron Desantis takes on Disney; The GOP’s hatred for women; UFC worker’s rights; Free Juliane Assange; Why Twitter should pay you; Title 42; Biden’s failed China policy

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CNN Plus Is Now A Minus PART TWO, Episode 1332

After our system crashed we returned!!! During this part of the show Director of “The Aristocrats” Paul Provenza remembers Gilbert Gottfried.

2:51:24 Paul Remembers Gilbert Other Topics: Could “The Aristocrats” be released today?; Obama gives a speech on Democracy under assault; Nina Turner; Is Biden worse than Carter?

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CNN Plus Is Now A Minus PART ONE, Episode 1332

CNN Plus is a (Don) Lemon. CNN Plus is being shut down after a month. Who would have ever guessed there wasn’t an earsplitting demand out there for an extra hour of Wolf Blitzer? Today’s show covers the inevitable decline of streaming services from CNN Plus to Netflix. We also touch on how corporate America uses inflation to increase profits while decreasing wages. Topics: Rudy’s appearance on The Masked Singer; Can Nina Turner win this time in Ohio?; Elon Musk is a Racist; Netflix crashes; Jon Stewart’s new show is a ratings flop; CNN Plus shuts down after a month; The Obamas quit Spotify; Amazon pays no taxes in Europe; Julian Assange is going to be extradited to America; The Biden administration is positively giddy over the war in Ukraine

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Speaker Pelosi’s Reelection Up For Grabs, Episode 1331

Special Guests: We talk with Congresswoman Marie Newman, who Progressive Punch calls the Number one progressive in Congress. We also talk with Shahid Buttar who is once again running against Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th congressional district. Topics: Starbucks CEO Howard D. Schultz busts unions; Raytheon CEO says war is good for business; Lucky Charms is magically debilitating; Tucker Carlson wants you to tan your balls; The rich don’t pay taxes; Jared Kushner gets two billion from Saudi Arabia;

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We Love Gilbert Gottfried/ They Can’t Cancel Funny, Episode 1330

Much of today’s show is devoted to Comedy Miracle Gilbert Gottfried who died this week at the age of 67.

Topics: Remembering Gilbert Gottfried; Elon Musk tries to buy Twitter; Money for weapons but none for healthcare; Dianne Feinstein’s long goodbye; Did a bird poop on Biden?; Moskva ship sunk; Subway shooting; Congressional Progressive Caucus doesn’t endorse Nina Turner #GilbertGottfried #ElonMusk #Twitter #Moskva

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