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Kyle Rittenhouse Says He Murdered In Self Offense, Episode 1291 ONLY AUDIO

WE HAVE FOUR YEARS TO FIX THE PLANET!!! The Climate Emergency with Special Guest Peter Kalmus, whose piece in today’s Los Angeles Times is entitled “The Failure At Glasgow And What Needs To Happen Next.” Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and author of “Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution” He joins us at (2:01:13)

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Kyle Rittenhouse Days Away From Show On Fox News, Episode 1290

Like all of you who watched Kyle Rittenhouse break down on the stand, my first thought was, “How can we get AR-15s into the hands of more brain dead losers like this?” Rittenhouse, a Proud Boy, will soon be acquitted all because Judge Bruce Schroeder obviously owns another robe that’s white. In other news, Notably absent from Oil Heiress Ivy Getty’s wedding was her Italian grandmother Spa Getty.

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How Bernie and AOC Won BIG On Tuesday, Episode 1288

Despite what the Democratic establishment wants you to believe, Tuesday was a big win for The Left. America’s Left is now more powerful and more influential than at any time since 1972. On Tuesday, Minneapolis voted in favor of rent control; Cleveland voted in favor of a comprehensive groundbreaking crack down on police brutality; Austin voted to defund the police; Progressive Larry Krasner made history by getting reelected as Philadelphia’s district attorney; Cleveland, Boston and Pittsburgh elected progressive mayors; Phil Murphy, not quite progressive but almost, became New Jersey’s first Democratic governor to win a second term since 1977; Shontel Brown kept Marcia Fudge’s Democratic congressional seat. Democrats only lost Virginia, and only Virginia, because they ran Terry McAuliffe– a Neoliberal Wall Street flunky with a criminal past who stood for NOTHING other than more of the same. On today’s show we explain in detail why Democrats only win when they run to the Left.

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