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It’s A Recession, Episode 1356

David explains how economists will say anything if you pay them enough. Joe Manchin signs on to the climate bill, what’s in it, and why did Manchin give in? Trump is promising martial law. Manufacturers of AR-15s were brought before Congress on Wednesday. David takes a close look at how those hearings revealed the ways assault weapons are marketed to white nationalists and far Right members of The Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers and The Boogaloo Boys. Also, we continue to examine the right wing’s growing “insurrectionary theory” of the Second Amendment, and the false belief that our Founding Fathers believed citizens needed guns to check an “overly intrusive” government. We look at the midterms, and ask if things might be looking better at least politically for Biden and the Democrats.

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Republicans Prefer Guns To Government, Episode 1355

David explains how the GOP’s obsession with guns cannot be separated from their blind support for January 6. He warns that the GOP genuinely believes, and are now openly saying that guns are the only thing that protects Americans from an “intrusive government.” This is now a party whose candidates are offering nothing other than violence.

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