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All The President’s Mental Illness, Episode 1082

Jacobin’s Chris Kutalik, Professor Ben Burgis, Comic Liam McEneaney, The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, PETA’s Emil Guillermo. 

  • G.M. strike goes into fourth week, who’s paying attention?
  • America’s rancid Latin American history.
  • Liam McEneaney and David answer listener questions.
  • Rick Perry’s going to prison.
  • David turns Rev. Barry into a Bernie Bro.
  • Blackouts in California.
  • NBC News has a rape problem.
  • Rudy needs a lawyer.

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Warren Piecemeal, Episode 1081

Medicare For All means MEDICARE FOR ALL. That includes mental health and dental. What’s in Warren’s plan? She won’t say. Bernie’s plan is a wrecking ball that will destroy ALL health insurance companies. Senator Elizabeth Warren is NOT Bernie. Close. But Bernie Sanders is the real deal.

Michael Brooks from “Jacobin,” “The Michael Brooks Show” and “The Majority Report with Sam Seder” explains there is a BIG difference between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on Medicare For All and ESPECIALLY foreign policy.

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Hunter Is Now The Hunted, Episode 1079

Hunter Biden may not have broken the law, but he probably broke Joe’s chances of ever becoming president. Trump is a cornered animal, which means he’s never been more dangerous. The call to Ukraine is an impeachable offense, but can the Democrats sell it to the American people? Is Elizabeth Warren who she says she is? Is it sexist to prefer Bernie? And have Louis C.K. and Al Franken grown from their Me Too moments? Or do they just want back in? Plus, listener mail!

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Joe Dirt, Episode 1077

Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider, Down With Tyranny’s Howie Klein, Congressional Candidate J.D. Scholten who’s running against Iowa’s White Nationalist Steve King, Founder and President of Yuk Yuk’s Mark Breslin, and Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling.

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