Is America Really This Ignorant? Episode 1413

On today’s show, David asks his listeners, “Is America really this ignorant?”
David does The News

00:00:00 Florida Congressman offers psychotic gifts to his colleagues
00:01:34 George Santos takes to the house floor to warn of rising crime
00:01:47 California police take out double amputee who, they claim, tried to run away from them
00:08:39 Manhattan prosecutors convene grand jury looking into Trump’s hush money for Stormy Daniels
00:11:44 Trump pleads the fifth 400 times
00:14:08 New York Magazine says DeSantis beats Trump
00:15:51 West Virginia presidential candidate’s pregnant wife hogs the spotlight
00:19:58 Don Junior finally getting his father’s respect
00:22:02 Should parents elect school principals?
00:26:18 Donald Trump campaigns in South Carolina
00:29:38 The photograph Lindsey Graham doesn’t want Republicans to see
00:32:12 Trump introduces Congressman Joe “You Lie” Wilson
00:34:54 The story of Obamacare
00:37:54 When civil discourse broke down at town hall meetings for Obamacare
00:44:57 How former Speaker John Boehner landed a cushy job with the tobacco companies
00:48:01 Mike Pence was also a creep back in 2009
00:54:45 What gave rise to Marjorie Taylor Greene?
01:04:33 Donald Trump told 30,573 lies as president
01:14:02 David exposes the lie Trump tells about the economy during his presidency
01:17:18 Trump added 7 trillion to the US Debt
01:21:04 Trump declared bankruptcy six times
01:23:31 Trump’s lies about Antifa
01:27:06 White supremacy groups pose as Antifa on social media
01:31:13 Trump tells the truth about Steve Scalise
01:34:01 Dr. Frank Luntz sans toupee
01:37:14 The real reason Twitter wants Trump back
01:39:18 The real reason Facebook wants Trump back
01:40:11 Nick Clegg, who is he?