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Climate Change Is The Single Biggest Driver Of Inflation, Episode 1379

On today’s show David goes into detail on why we need to forget EVERYTHING they’re telling you about inflation.  Climate Change is THE single biggest driver of inflation. This inflation is NOT caused by government spending, the war in Ukraine or Covid. This inflation is the result of scarcity caused by climate change. Fires, drought, flooding and hurricanes are forcing the price of EVERYTHING to spike. You are being lied to by the Federal Reserve and the central bankers. The only way to beat this type of inflation is by getting off fossil fuels IMMEDIATELY. There’s nothing the Fed can do to bring down this type of inflation. This is about getting off fossil fuels. Topics: Dems sinking; Marjorie Taylor Greene debates; protests in France and England

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Who Killed The Russian Ukranian Peace Deal? Episode 1376

Today’s guest Professor Ivan Katchanovski, one of the world’s leading experts on Ukraine, says Ukraine and Russia struck a deal to stop the fighting, but Britain’s Boris Johnson killed it. Why? Topics: Biden pardons some marijuana crimes; Herschel Walker; Ukraine; Baldwin’s “Rust” back in production; Midterms; King Charles’ coronation

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