Herschel Walker’s New Abortion Bill, Episode 1375

Topics: Herschel Walker pays for an abortion; Lula; Ukraine; Kim Kardashian; Trump and Marjorie Taylor Green bring their show to Michigan

00:05:08 Pelosi still won’t ban lawmakers from trading on inside information

00:05:32 Kim Kardashian fined by S.E.C.

00:10:15 Ron DeSantis steals scapegoats from Texas and flies them to Martha’s Vineyard

00:14:38 Florida’s death toll from Ian nearing 100

00:15:33 Our Supreme Court is back, unfortunately

00:16:02 Maggie Haberman’s new book discloses Trump’s racism in the White House

00:17:29 Lula wins big in Brazil, but not big enough to stave off a runoff

00:21:42 Trump endorses Bolsonaro

00:22:43 Bolsonaro dances topless

00:25:47 MBS becomes prime minister of Saudi Arabia

00:26:06 Matt Goetz votes against hurricane relief for his native Florida

00:26:59 Congressman Ted Budd’s gun stores offers domestic violence insurance

00:29:23 Don Jr. shows up on Congressman Andrew Clyde’s podcast

00:30:27 Congressman Louie Gohmert is retiring

00:32:59 Trump warns the threat is from within

00:35:07 Trump goes after dogs

00:37:15 Marjorie Taylor doesn’t look like a dog, she just smells like one

00:58:26 Senator John Kennedy love cops

01:01:50 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:05:17 Jose Arroyo, Emmy award winning comedy writer and cartoonist for the New Yorker

01:26:33 Sir Arthur Greeb Streebling, Royal Watcher

01:40:15 Professor Ann Li gives us a Ukraine update

01:47:49 Colleen Werthmann, Daily Show, Nightly Show, Steve Martin, Michael Moore, Oscars, Comedy Central Roasts, and the Mark Twain Prize is tested by Quizmaster Dan Frankenberger about her knowledge of “The Brady Bunch”

02:00:19 Howie Klein from “Down With Tyranny”

02:31:03 Congressional Candidate Derek Marshall who is running for California’s 23rd Congressional District

02:58:30 Dr. Harriet Fraad

03:33:30 “I’m Traveling Light” written and performed by Pofessor Mike Steinel

03:37:50 Professor Husain teaches us how to skim a book

04:05:34 Peter B. Collins talks with Virginia State Senator Dick Black

05:26:17 Professor Mary Anne Cummings

05:54:29 Herschel Walker responds to charges he paid for his girlfriend’s abortion

05:56:23 Professor Mike Steinel

06:16:59 “The Old Hippie With The El Camino” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel