Who Killed The Russian Ukranian Peace Deal? Episode 1376

Today’s guest Professor Ivan Katchanovski, one of the world’s leading experts on Ukraine, says Ukraine and Russia struck a deal to stop the fighting, but Britain’s Boris Johnson killed it. Why? Topics: Biden pardons some marijuana crimes; Herschel Walker; Ukraine; Baldwin’s “Rust” back in production; Midterms; King Charles’ coronation

00:02:33 Joe Biden decriminalizes weed, sort of, but not really

00:05:09 The Federal Reserve is making it worse for renters by raising interest rates

00:08:56 Alex Jones “boycotts” his own trial

00:10:26 Apple CEO Tim Cook meet the Pope

00:12:28 King Charles’ coronation scheduled, and why it’s another two years before his face is on bank notes

00:14:43 Prince Anne visits New York

00:16:42 King Charles forbidden to speak at climate conference

00:17:37 Coca-Cola, the world’s largest polluter, sponsoring UN climate conference

00:19:26 Pacific Ocean is shrinking

00:20:08 OPEC cuts oil production

00:20:40 Alec Baldwin’s “Rust” resumes production

00:23:01 Midterms only 32 days away

00:23:14 George W. Bush is endorsing candidates

00:25:18 Former GOP Congressman warns far-right congressman have serious cognitive decline

00:26:50 More Republicans died from Covid than Democrats, according to new study

00:27:38 Donald Trump made prank calls from the White House, according to new book

00:28:46 Kelly Anne Conway says it’s tough out there for a bigoted Christian

00:30:40 Newt Gingrich defends Herschel Walker

00:33:07 Republicans are in complete denial about their derangement

00:36:36 Dana Loesch is all about forgiveness

00:38:20 Senator Rick Scott is stupid

00:41:15 Doug Mastriano wants to arrest mothers who abort their fetuses

00:42:33 Christian Walker attacks his dead

00:43:05 Trump says he would beat Jefferson and Washington if they ran against him

00:43:59 Marjorie Taylor Greene suing Twitter

00:46:03 Donald Trump is suing CNN

00:47:18 RNC suing Google

00:49:31 The Putin wing of the GOP

00:55:20 Did the CIA blow up the Nord Stream pipelines? GOP thinks so

01:02:10 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:05:21 The War In Ukraine: Professor Ivan Katchanovski has written extensively on Ukraine and Russia. He teaches at the School of Political Studies & Conflict Studies and Human Rights Program at the University of Ottawa

01:29:40 Royal Watcher Sir Arthur Greeb Streebling

01:42:49 Professor Ben Burgis on what American can learn from the Cuban Missile Crisis when it comes to negotiating with Russia

02:06:01 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian psychoanalyst and Ethan Herschenfeld, comic, actor, author and retired opera singer

02:33:59 Emil Guillermo from the PETA Podcast

02:52:59 Quizmaster Dan Frankenberger tests our knowledge of Edgar Allen Poe

03:05:03 Pastor Jonathan Conrad

03:20:53 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn takes a look at five religious nuts

04:17:54 Joe In Norway, Dr. Nancy, Professor Jonathan Bick and Sir Arthur Greeb Streebling on raising children who are self sufficient

04:40:33 Marijuana