Tommy Tuberville Proves Coaching Football Also Causes Brain Damage, Episode 1377

Topics: Tommy Tuberville’s racist speech; Columbus Day; War in Ukraine gets even worse; Special Guest: Lunar Module Pilot on the 1969 Apollo 9 mission Rusty Schweickart talks about his work with DART to protect the Earth from being destroyed by an asteroid.

00:03:01 David does The News

01:01:27 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:03:16 Jose Arroyo, Emmy award winning comedy writer and cartoonist for The New Yorker

01:20:45 Royal Watcher Sir Arthur Greeb Streebling, childhood friend of King Charles

01:28:36 Colleen Werthmann, Emmy award winning comedy writer from The Daily Show, The Academy Awards, The Mark Twain Prize, Comedy Central Roasts, Steve Martin and Michael Moore— along with Liam McEneaney, film student at USC.

02:28:50 David Cobb, former Green Peace candidate for president and now working on land restoration for the Wiyot People of California

02:48:41 Dr. Harriet Fraad, host of “Capitalism Hits Home” and “It’s Not Just In Your Head.”

03:30:16 Professor Adnan Husain, Professor Jonathan Bick and Professor Ann Li

03:54:23 SPECIAL GUEST Lunar Module Pilot on the 1969 Apollo 9 mission Rusty Schweickart talks with Peter B. Collins and Professor Mary Anne Cummings, particle physicist, about Rusty’s work with DART, the World’s First Planetary Defense Test

05:28:55 Professor Mike Steinel sings his rejects. He is author of “Saving Charlie Parker: A Novel”