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Clarence Thomas Rules In Favor Of Guns, Episode 1348

Today’s show focuses on Clarence Thomas’ ruling on guns, his wife Jinny Thomas and their perverse relationship with his former law clerk John Eastman who appears to be the architect of Donald Trump’s conspiracy to overthrow the results of the 2020 president election. Plus, Former Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark’s home raided by FBI; Is Trump finished?; Senate passes gun reform bill; Supreme Court overturns gun reform; Roe v. Wade braces for impact; #ClarenceThomas #JinnyThomas #JohnEastman #JeffreyClark #DavidFeldmanShow

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Welcome to the Mop Up for June 23, 2022

I’m David Feldman coming to you from an airshaft overlooking a parking garage somewhere in Manhattan where the temperature is 73 degrees and partly cloudy.

The Virginia home of former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark was raided before dawn on Wednesday by federal agents looking for evidence in the role Clark played helping Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election.

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