Republicans Prefer Guns To Government, Episode 1355

David explains how the GOP’s obsession with guns cannot be separated from their blind support for January 6. He warns that the GOP genuinely believes, and are now openly saying that guns are the only thing that protects Americans from an “intrusive government.” This is now a party whose candidates are offering nothing other than violence.

Topics: Guns, Insurrection and the GOP; Manchin has Covid; Liz Cheney; Matt Gaetz; Recession; Inflation; Nancy goes to Taiwan; Ivana Trump beat her children; Primaries in Arizona and Missouri; Republicans go all in on guns


00:01:34 How to attend a live taping of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour

00:06:33 So, what could Trump ultimately be charged with by Merrick Garland?

00:10:07 Republicans like Dr. Oz are promoting the idea of guns keeping us free from a tyrannical government

00:11:48 Texas Congressman Chip Roy’s dangerous views on the Second Amendment

00:13:34 Congressman Jamie Raskin sets Chip Roy straight

00:17:41 Republicans can’t win without voter suppression and the threat of violence

00:22:24 Steve Bannon relies on Hitlerian rhetoric

00:27:16 Michael Fanone calls Senator Josh Hawley a “little b&tch”

00:28:23 Ivana Trump physically abused her children

00:31:32 Trump holds rally in Arizona

00:36:16 Trump gets booed by his supporters

00:42:50 Jim Lamon’s tasteless campaign commercials

00:45:18 Republican candidates are all in on guns

00:48:19 Mark McCloskey that former personal injury lawyer practicing in St. Louis, Missouri who waved an AR-15 at Black Lives Matter protestors wants to get elected to the senate

01:02:50 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:06:28 Grace Jackson on the ramifications of Nancy Pelosi’s possible trip to Taiwan next month in historical perspective, with reference to the 1995-96 Taiwan Strait crisis.

01:25:16 Donald Trump tells us how he invented rap

01:31:55 Jason Myles and Pascal Robert hosts of “This is Revolution” podcast.

01:40:42 How the Democrats always claim the Republicans are Nazis

01:50:27 Capitalism is NOT collapsing

02:01:35 Pscal’s plan to save our country

02:15:10 Stump The Humps with Quizmaster Dan Frankenberger. Today’s topic, “Rocky” movies

02:32:16 “I’m Traveling Light” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

02:37:15 David Cobb, former Green Party presidential candidate, explains what Fascism has to offer America’s working class

03:01:06 Dr. Harriet Fraad talks about what is happening in the US as the denied and dissociated reality emerges that the US is neither the land of opportunity nor a democracy

03:34:56 Comic Liam McEneany

04:04:57 Donald Trump stops by

04:08:10 Peter B. Collins gives his take on what the January 6th Committee got right and what it got wrong

04:38:48 Professor Mary Anne Cummings continues the analysis of the January 6th hearings

05:13:13 “USA of Distraction” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

05:20:13 Professor Mike Steinel, author of “Saving Charlie Parker: A Novel”

05:38:06 “The Gentle Lady From Caspar” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

05:47:02 “Turtle” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel