Abortion Rights Have Been Wronged, Episode 1352

Special guest Judah Friedlander from NBC’s The Office and Netflix’s “America Is the Greatest Country in the United States.” Topics: Ivana Trump dies; GOP has no problem with Neo-Nazis in the military; Inflation; Ukraine not going well

Guests With Time Stamps:

01:25 David Does the News

1:28:21 “USA Of Distraction” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

1:34:02 Judah Friedlander

2:01:55 The Herschenfelds: Dr. Philip Herschenfeld (Freudian psychoanalyst), and Ethan Herschenfeld (his new comedy special “Thug, Thug Jew” is streaming on YouTube)

2:35:49 “Traveling Light” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

2:39:44 Emil Guillermo (host of the PETA Podcast, and columnist for The Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund)

3:07:46 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (Americans United for Separation of Church and State) w/ Lawrence Walters (First Amendment Attorney) Edward Hasbrouck (Journalist, Consumer Advocate, Draft registration resister)

4:33:51 The Professors And Mary Anne: Professors Mary Anne Cummings, Jonathan Bick, and Ann Li. PLUS: ASMR for your eyeballs – Kitchen ASMR with Joe in Norway – Shop ASMR with Dave in PA

5:29:30 Alan Minsky (executive director of Progressive Democrats of America)