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The Banker Who Funds Climate Change, Episode 1372

During hearings on Wednesday, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib DESTROYED JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon after he called no longer investing in fossil fuels a “road to hell.” His company JP Morgan Chase is the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels. During the hearings Tlaib recommended Americans boycott the company. Topics: Will Putin go nuclear?; Beyond Meat executive eats nose; Republican J.R. Majewsky lies about his military service;

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What’s The Royal Family’s Net Worth? Episode 1371

David crunches the numbers to determine whether it’s worth it for the Royal Family or Great Britain to have a Royal Family. Topics: Trump’s embrace of QAnon; King Charles’ net worth; Rod’s Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster is a cop; The Queen is buried; Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kari Lake are almost as stupid as Ohio candidate for Congress J.R. Majewski; Joe talks Hunter, Covid and Taiwan

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