Will Charles The Third Also Be Charles The Last? Episode 1368

We react to news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing at the age of 96. Topics: Is the monarchy evil?; Charles The Third; The Obamas; CNN’s Bernard Shaw; Liz Truss;

00:01:54 David remembers The Queen

00:08:14 Prime Minister Liz Truss is a horrible, horrible human being

00:22:05 The Obamas return to the White House

00:35:22 Bernard Shaw passes away, his question to Dukakis

00:37:32 Technical difficulties

00:41:03 David takes calls from Britain, Ireland and Australia about The Queen

01:42:32 Professor Ben Burgis discusses The Queen and John Fetterman’s position on Israel

02:08:16 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld and Ethan Herschenfeld

02:36:56 Emil Guillermo, host of The PETA Podcast

03:08:19 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn

04:16:12 The Professors and Mary Anne: Professors Bick, Li, Cummings and Husain…Plus Joe In Norway cooks for us from France

05:20:47 Dave In PA finishes his wooden glass

05:22:04 Professor Harvey J. Kaye and Alan Minsky

05:56:43 David does more news