What’s The Royal Family’s Net Worth? Episode 1371

David crunches the numbers to determine whether it’s worth it for the Royal Family or Great Britain to have a Royal Family. Topics: Trump’s embrace of QAnon; King Charles’ net worth; Rod’s Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster is a cop; The Queen is buried; Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kari Lake are almost as stupid as Ohio candidate for Congress J.R. Majewski; Joe talks Hunter, Covid and Taiwan

00:04:47 Hurricane hits Puerto Rico, typhoon hits Japan

00:10:02 Pakistan’s flooding devastates the nation’s economy

00:12:44 E.U. cracks down on Hungarian Prime Minister Vicktor Orban

00:21:39 Bill Clinton responds to death of Ken Starr and whether NATO expansion provoked Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

00:26:27 New York Times reports Russian trolls helped destroy the Women’s March

00:32:45 Joe Biden talks Taiwan, Hunter and Covid on 60 Minutes

00:37:32 Nancy Pelosi visits Armenia, and condemns Azerbaijan

00:38:50 Corrections: King Charles supports fox hunting

00:41:14 Chinese delegation views Queen’s coffin

00:42:47 Two millions Brits bid adieu to their Queen

00:47:50 Rod Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster is now a British constable

00:50:15 How much is The Royal Family actually worth?

00:56:40 Midterms 49 days away

01:00:44 Trump campaigns in Ohio

01:02:17 Marjorie Taylor Greene just keeps getting dumber

01:04:00 Kari Lake is dumber than Marjorie Taylor Greene

01:05:22 J.R. Majewski is dumber than Kari Lake

01:10:10 Trump promises to execute Matt Gaetz

01:11:45 Trump’s stranglehold on the GOP tightens

01:14:56 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:17:35 Royal Watcher Sir Arthur Greeb Streebling

01:29:59 “Sea of Contrition” written and performed by Mike Steinel

01:33:50 Ethan Herschenfeld

01:54:54 Howie Klein, author of “Down With Tyranny”

02:30:00 David Cobb discusses Trump’s embrace of QAnon

02:49:23 Dr. Harriet Fraad does not approve of the Royal Family

03:27:47 Professor Adnan Husain discusses Bill Clinton’s assertion than expanding NATO had nothing to do with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Professor Husain also explains the significance of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Armenia, and what the president of Iran said on 60 Minutes last night

04:06:10 Professor Mary Anne Cummings on why she’s a vegan

04:38:25 Professor Jonathan Bick on how the rich are getting even worse

04:57:50 Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling

05:13:28 David takes your calls