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Jeff Bezos: No Taxation With Too Much Representation, Episode 1247

Jeff Bezos, the homunculus, founded Amazon based on the notion that there was no limit to how fast he could grow if customers never had to pay a sales tax. Our government gave Amazon a special exemption from local sales taxes which means for nearly two decades Amazon was able to undercut ALL of America’s book and record stores because books and CDs are far cheaper when there’s no sales tax. Naturally, or unnaturally, Amazon turned into a colossus forcing practically all of America’s bookstores and record stores out of business. And nobody said anything. Nobody said, “Maybe Main Street USA is an apocalyptic hellscape because all our local merchants have to charge a sales tax which means they can’t compete with Amazon which doesn’t collect a sales tax.” Yes, it’s that simple. Amazon got to where it is by not paying taxes. And now we’re discovering Jeff Bezos doesn’t pay taxes either. New reporting says some years he literally pays ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in taxes. The richest man in the world doesn’t pay taxes. And it turns out THAT’s why he’s the richest man in the world. It’s just that simple. Bezos is going into space next month. Let’s hope he stays there. Or at the very least let’s hope Bezos gets stuck up there for a couple of days so he can discover what it’s like pissing into an empty bottle of Gatorade just like everybody who works for him. Jeff Bezos is the personification of evil. And if you fail to understand why then you’re part of the problem.

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Kamala Harris, Do Not Come… Home, Episode 1246

The Mop Up For June 10, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris goes down in history for saying THE absolute worse thing ever uttered by an American leader visiting a foreign nation. Harris chose Guatemala for her first official overseas trip. And her message to the Guatemalan people on behalf of America was, “Do Not Come.” Guatemalan immigrants are risking their lives escaping gangs, death squads and child malnutrition. And what does Harris have to say to those Guatemalans thinking of escaping to America? “Do not come.” She is the daughter of immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants. The only immigration problem America suffers from is not enough immigrants. Our population isn’t growing fast enough to sustain the economy or our social safety net. Only immigrants can keep Social Security, Medicare and our economy viable for decades to come. But Harris, like Biden and Barack “Deporter-In- Chief” Obama are craven political opportunists who scapegoat the most marginalized just to look tough. They are cowards. Kamala? How about YOU do not come…home?

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Logan Paul’s Exhibitionist Boxing Match, Episode 1245

The Mop Up For June 7, 2021

Topics: Logan Paul goes the distance; Joe Manchin is a piece of human excrement; Brussels sprouts are a hostile gesture; Feldman’s war on mice; Leave Ellie Kemper alone; Logan Paul

Guests With Time Stamps: 1:39 David delineates the fine line between the smell of a dead mouse and Brussels Sprouts 16:34 Professor Mike Steinel’s new song, “Something Died In My Garage” 21:14 Dave Sirus, SNL and “King of Staten Island” 1:00:50 Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk’s, largest comedy chain in North America 1:28:26 David Cobb, environmental activist and Green Party presidential candidate 2:00:21 Howie Klein, founder and treasurer of the Blue America PAC, author of “Down With Tyranny” 2:29:37 Judy Gold, comedian and author of “Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come for the Comedians, We Are All in Trouble” 3:07:59 Dr. Harriet Fraad, host of “Capitalism Hits Home” and “It’s Not Just In Your Head” 3:39:41 Professor Adnan Husain, host of “Guerrilla History” and “The Majlis Podcast” 4:17:52 Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody award winning comedy writer, and Martha Previte, “Diabetic Fury” 5:01:24 Dan Frankenberger’s Community Billboard 5:18:31 Professor Mary Anne Cummings, physicist and parks commissioner, Aurora, Illinois 5:50:41 Professor Mike Steinel on whatever he wants

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Homeless Prices Are Skyrocketing, Episode 1244

The Mop Up For May 31, 2021

Topics: Housing prices are making it increasingly impossible for ordinary Americans to find shelter. In 60 years this country has gone from fighting a war on poverty to fighting a war on the poor. Our government, corporations and the rich loathe the homeless because the homeless are a constant reminder that this entire system is a lie. It’s not working. So the only solution is to somehow make the homeless disappear. We are told the homeless are criminals. We are told it’s the homeless who need to be arrested, not the greedy landlords who created them. But the problem is homelessness, not the homeless. Americans must stop blaming the homeless for being homeless. The homeless are children, women and veterans. The homeless are Americans who can’t afford to get their mental illness treated. The homeless are people who can’t make ends meet on a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The homeless are people who can’t afford the rent. On Memorial Day we honor those who died serving our country, and those veterans who came home to no home. Also, how the fall of the Roman republic compares to this moment in American history

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Gaetz And Greene Not Pro Intelligent Life, Episode 1243

The Mop Up For May 27, 2021

Topics: UFOs; Guns; Can capitalism save capitalism?; Exxon, Shell and Chevron under attack; Booster shots anybody?

Guests With Time Stamps: 4:30 Mike Rowe, Emmy Award winning comedy writer, Futurama and Family Guy, and author of “It’s A Funny Thing: How the Professional Comedy Writing Business Made Me Fat and Bald” 47:00 David does The News 59:04 Dr. Arnon Degani, postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and researcher at the MOLAD – the Center for the renewal of Israeli democracy 1:45:00 Dan Frankenberger’s “Community Billboard” 1:58:56 Henry Hakamaki talks with Terry Macalister, former Energy Editor at The Guardian, coauthor of the brand new book Crude Britannia: How Oil Shaped a Nation” 2:32:05 David Cobb, environmental activist and Green Party presidential candidate 3:00:15 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian psychoanalyst, and Ethan Herschenfeld, noted son of Dr. Philip Herschenfeld 3:26:00 Jon Ross, Comedy Writer and Gentleman Farmer 4:02:00 Professor Ben Burgis, columnist for Jacobin, host of “Give Them an Argument” whose latest book is, “Cancelling Comedians While The World Burns” 4:28:00 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church and State 5:32:26 The Professors and Mary Anne: Professor Mary Anne Cummings; Professor Ian Faloona; Professor Adnan Husain; Professor Jonathan Bick 6:32:15 Emil Guillermo, host of The PETA Podcast and columnist for AALDEF, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund 7:26:36 Texas Tom Webber talks about whatever he wants

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