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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

David Feldman Show

Sean Penn v. Brett Kavanaugh

Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider on why these rape allegations are serious enough to sink Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein on why the Dems are...

Cynthia Nixon Is Still America’s Future

Comedians DAVE SIRUS and KEVIN BARTINI along with the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD. Apple's doing better without Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Amazon create homelessness,...

Sorry Serena, You’re Wrong

Serena was wrong for claiming the judge's response to her poor behavior on the tennis court had something do with sexism according to David, who tries on his...

Jamie Kennedy

From "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment" and "Scream," Comedian and Actor Jamie Kennedy. Then Comic Dave Sirus looks back at this uneventful week in American history, and then we...

Comic Jim Earl Together Again

Emmy and Peabody Award Winning Jim Earl forgets the life of Senator John McCain, Barbara Bush and Robin Leach. Jim can be heard on the Jimmy Dore Show,...
Pope Francis

Should Pope Francis Resign?

Should Pope Francis resign for ignoring child abuse within the Catholic Church? We love Pope Francis, but now there are some who think he should resign. Zack...

Congressman Drunkin’ Hunter

GOP San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter couldn't control his spending, so he dipped into his campaign war chest according to the latest indictment. Down With Tyranny's Howie...

Trump’s David Pecker Problem

Are we approaching a moment in American history where the GOP defends use of the N word?

Andy Kindler Together Again

Frank Conniff and Bill Scheft. David's plans to play Mystery Guest are thwarted by Andy never allowing the show to get started.

Comic Ian Bagg

Comic PHIL HANLEY, and Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN. Ian Bagg talks about his expertise with nitroglycerin and why 9/11 was not an inside job, and why he has no act. Phil Hanley on joke writing,...

Comedy Writer Mike Reiss From The Simpsons

Comedy Writer Mike Reiss on his new book about writing for The Simpsons.

I Stand With Alex Jones, Unfortunately

The answer to lies and hate speech is better and smarter speech. Alex Jones isn't the problem. The problem is a Democratic leadership that refuses to articulate the virtues of a progressive agenda. Comics Dave...
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