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Hollywood Men On Trial, Episode 1380

A jury today ruled that Kevin Spacey was not liable in an assault case brought by Actor Anthony Rapp. We look at the rape trials of Danny Masterson, Harvey Weinstein and Director Paul Haggis; Growing accusations against Bill Murray; Actress Anna Faris accuses Director Ivan Reitman; Kanye’s racism; and James Corden’s a vicious prick. Topics: Liz Truss Brexits, Rep. Lauren Boebert selling Jesus’ second coming;  Roger Stone trashes Ivanka, Jared and Donald; Nancy Pelosi’s itching for a fight; Marco Rubio humiliated. Guests With Time Stamps:

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Climate Change Is The Single Biggest Driver Of Inflation, Episode 1379

On today’s show David goes into detail on why we need to forget EVERYTHING they’re telling you about inflation.  Climate Change is THE single biggest driver of inflation. This inflation is NOT caused by government spending, the war in Ukraine or Covid. This inflation is the result of scarcity caused by climate change. Fires, drought, flooding and hurricanes are forcing the price of EVERYTHING to spike. You are being lied to by the Federal Reserve and the central bankers. The only way to beat this type of inflation is by getting off fossil fuels IMMEDIATELY. There’s nothing the Fed can do to bring down this type of inflation. This is about getting off fossil fuels. Topics: Dems sinking; Marjorie Taylor Greene debates; protests in France and England

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