What If It’s Not Trump Or Biden In 2024? Episode 1415

The Chinese balloon was taken down by an American F-22 fighter jet firing an air-to-air sidewinder missile because apparently our military is all out of pins.

With both their polls numbers sagging, Howie Klein, from Down With Tyranny, poses the question, “What if it’s not Trump or Biden in 2024?” Then he gives us the latest on Sam Bankman-Fried; Adam Schiff’s, Barbara Lee’s and Katie Porter’s plans to run for Diane Feinstein’s senate seat; Mike Pence wants to privatize Social Security; and Matt Gaetz wants Americana to work for their Medicaid.

Dr. Harriet Fraad talks about Prince Harry’s new book, “Spare.”

Guests With Time Stamps:

David does The News:
00:00:00 David says, “Vote”
00:00:56 Republican members of congress are coming fully loaded
00:01:39 House Leader Elise Stefanik’s husband is a piece of… work
00:06:09 The NRA sets a new record for January
00:07:38 GOP warns of the “weaponization of government”
00:11:01 Elise Stefanik’s husband “Sports” Foundation
00:15:15 Marty Daniel from Daniel Defense
00:17:48 Why the NRA owes Steve Scalise a lot of money
00:24:19 House Natural Resources Committee debates whether or not its members should be allowed to pack heat
00:26:59 Congresswoman Lauren Boebert says she doesn’t care what the rules are, she’s packing
00:30:26 Lauren Boebert’s role in January 6th
00:37:06 Who was Ashli Babbitt?
00:40:57 How Republicans deal with looters
00:50:48 Congressman Paul Gosar is funny

1:02:31 Dr. Harriet Fraad

1:34:06 Howie Klein