Angry Republican Women, Episode 1416

David does The News
00:00:00 Hello
00:00:19 Marjorie Taylor Greene grills Twitter executives
00:02:09 House holds hearings on Twitter election interference
00:03:11 Republicans accidentally admit Trump lost
00:04:49 Rudy Giuliani gave New York Post the Hunter Biden story
00:05:09 Rudy’s law license suspended in DC and New York
00:05:55 Joe Biden’s international crime syndicate
00:06:34 Hunter Biden’s is entitled to privacy
00:06:57 How Hunter Biden’s lawyers can claim the computer repair shop DIDN’T own Hunter’s laptop after thirty days
00:08:28 The role Hunter Biden and Rudy Giuliani played in Trump’s first impeachment
00:11:11 The problem with the Biden family
00:11:56 One of the reasons Hunter Biden is a crack addict
00:12:59 Project Veritas and James O’Keefe
00:13:34 Why O’Keefe was ordered to take time off from Project Veritas
00:14:27 The FBI searched O’Keefe’s apartment
00:14:43 The theft of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter
00:16:11 How Project Veritas serves the oligarchs
00:16:50 How James O’Keefe put ACORN out of business
00:18:54 Republicans delight in phony stories that confuse voters into believing there’s something there
00:20:32 Why nobody had the right to look into Hunter’s laptop
00:21:32 Rudy contaminated the laptop’s chain of custody
00:22:31 Twitter’s official policy banned the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story
00:23:27 How Rudy violated Hunter’s right to privacy
00:25:02 The reason Rudy gave the story to the New York Post and not, say, the New York Times
00:26:36 The reason Rudy isn’t being asked by Republicans to testify on the Hunter Biden story
00:32:23 Dan Rather railroaded out of a job by George W. Bush
00:39:28 Trump warned that Rudy was a Russian stooge
01:01:32 Louisiana Republican Clay Higgins has a messed up personal life
01:08:33 Texas Republican Troy Nehls’ problematic history
01:13:18 Lauren Boebert is angry
01:16:37 Senator Lisa Murkwoski is so angry
01:18:32 Marjorie Taylor Greene is angry
01:20:49 Trump responds to Biden’s SOTU
01:21:52 Don Jr. responds to Biden’s SOTU
01:22:24 How horrible a president was Trump?
01:28:11 How Trump’s presidency stacks up to Biden’s
01:34:40 Bernie gets the last word