Panic Attacks, Banks, And Biden, Episode 1430

Topics: Panic attacks on the Moon; Is Biden triangulating?; As economy sours Americans turn on each other

Guests: Ethan Herschenfeld, author of Today Is Now; Professor Harvey J. Kaye, author of FDR On Democracy; Dr. Harriet Fraad host of “Capitalism Hits Home.”


00:00 Ethan Herschenfeld and David didn’t see the Oscars, but here’s their recap anyway.

04:50 Division, Israel and Jews

09:59 Panic attacks on the Moon and at summer camp

13:46 What is Ethan reading?

23:40 Professor Harvey J. Kaye on how Biden failed American unions.

24:40 Professor Kaye is advising Marianne Williamson’s presidential campaign 

33:50 Mayor Pete failed the people of East Palestine, Ohio

40:26 Will it be Biden v. Trump?

52:52 Dr. Harriet Fraad on the decline of America’s currency around the world.