Why DeSantis is WORSE than TRUMP, Episode 1420

Guests: The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, and Comedian Ethan Herschenfeld.

Guests With Time Stamps:

00:00 David explains why Ron DeSantis is way worse than Donald Trump and would serve as an even BIGGER threat to American democracy.

56:56 The Herschenfelds discuss Democratic Senator John Fetterman who checked into a hospital suffering from clinical depression. 

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Angry Republican Women, Episode 1416

David does The News
00:00:00 Hello
00:00:19 Marjorie Taylor Greene grills Twitter executives
00:02:09 House holds hearings on Twitter election interference
00:03:11 Republicans accidentally admit Trump lost
00:04:49 Rudy Giuliani gave New York Post the Hunter Biden story
00:05:09 Rudy’s law license suspended in DC and New York
00:05:55 Joe Biden’s international crime syndicate
00:06:34 Hunter Biden’s is entitled to privacy
00:06:57 How Hunter Biden’s lawyers can claim the computer repair shop DIDN’T own Hunter’s laptop after thirty days
00:08:28 The role Hunter Biden and Rudy Giuliani played in Trump’s first impeachment
00:11:11 The problem with the Biden family
00:11:56 One of the reasons Hunter Biden is a crack addict
00:12:59 Project Veritas and James O’Keefe
00:13:34 Why O’Keefe was ordered to take time off from Project Veritas
00:14:27 The FBI searched O’Keefe’s apartment
00:14:43 The theft of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter
00:16:11 How Project Veritas serves the oligarchs
00:16:50 How James O’Keefe put ACORN out of business
00:18:54 Republicans delight in phony stories that confuse voters into believing there’s something there
00:20:32 Why nobody had the right to look into Hunter’s laptop
00:21:32 Rudy contaminated the laptop’s chain of custody
00:22:31 Twitter’s official policy banned the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story
00:23:27 How Rudy violated Hunter’s right to privacy
00:25:02 The reason Rudy gave the story to the New York Post and not, say, the New York Times
00:26:36 The reason Rudy isn’t being asked by Republicans to testify on the Hunter Biden story
00:32:23 Dan Rather railroaded out of a job by George W. Bush
00:39:28 Trump warned that Rudy was a Russian stooge
01:01:32 Louisiana Republican Clay Higgins has a messed up personal life
01:08:33 Texas Republican Troy Nehls’ problematic history
01:13:18 Lauren Boebert is angry
01:16:37 Senator Lisa Murkwoski is so angry
01:18:32 Marjorie Taylor Greene is angry
01:20:49 Trump responds to Biden’s SOTU
01:21:52 Don Jr. responds to Biden’s SOTU
01:22:24 How horrible a president was Trump?
01:28:11 How Trump’s presidency stacks up to Biden’s
01:34:40 Bernie gets the last word

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What If It’s Not Trump Or Biden In 2024? Episode 1415

The Chinese balloon was taken down by an American F-22 fighter jet firing an air-to-air sidewinder missile because apparently our military is all out of pins.

With both their polls numbers sagging, Howie Klein, from Down With Tyranny, poses the question, “What if it’s not Trump or Biden in 2024?” Then he gives us the latest on Sam Bankman-Fried; Adam Schiff’s, Barbara Lee’s and Katie Porter’s plans to run for Diane Feinstein’s senate seat; Mike Pence wants to privatize Social Security; and Matt Gaetz wants Americana to work for their Medicaid.

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Comedian Judah Friedlander: World Champion, 1414

Comedian Judah Friedlander, World Champion, joins us along with Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian psychoanalyst, and Comic Ethan Herschenfeld author of Today Is Now!


00:00 David tries to start the show

09:22 Judah Friedlander

1:18:45 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld and Ethan Herschenfeld

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