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Comics Cory Kahaney & Jon Fisch

Comics Azhar Usman & Bruce Smirnoff and Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider. On today’s show: Comey versus Trump comes down to “He Says, Rapist Says.”

We have in depth analysis of the Comey testimony with our resident constitutional scholar the brilliant Professor Corey Brettschneider author of “When The State Speaks.”

Big election on Thursday in Great Britain and looks like the conservatives are expected to lose big because Great Britain, unlike America, counts all the votes.

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Comic Laurie Kilmartin

Watch Laurie on CONAN this week. David worries that with all this talk about Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin people will forget that Chuck Woolery is an anti-Semite. Howie Klein on the increasingly violent GOP. Mark Thompson on the exponential speed of Climate Change. Jim Earl blames Hillary, Obama and America for America. Michael Snyder on Wonder Woman. Andrew Goldstein talks about his dog Dusty. And Comedy Writer and Comedian Laurie Kilmartin on writing jokes and raising a child with Trump in the Oval Office.

Produced by Alicia Cordova

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Unlike Trump’s Hair, Climate Change is Real

Kathy Griffin needs to apologize for apologizing. Donald Trump said he was pulling out of the Paris Climate accords because “the treaty is bad for the economy.” Know what else is bad for the economy? The polar ice caps melting, you brain dead Homunculus.

Today we talk Trump, the mortal threat to our planet, with Comic Tammer Kattan, David’s hero Burt Ross, Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider and Comic Tom McCaffrey.

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Menstruation: What Ivanka Must Teach Donald

The leader of the free world calls women “fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs,” and “disgusting animals.” Over the next four years what hope do women have for their “whatevers?” Especially the millions of female refugees lacking toilets, running water and basic sanitation. Dr. Marni Sommer writes about menstruation issues confronting refugees and she joins us from Tanzania. Also Howie Klein from Down with Tyranny. Michael Snyder tells us what movies to catch. Comic Jon Ross remembers why he and David stopped talking for several years. Comic Laura House is in love. And the host of Succotash Marc Hershon does everything and knows even more.

Good news for the White House, Trump’s new healthcare plan now includes immunity from prosecution. Howie Klein from Down with Tyranny peels back the curtain on what’s in store for the GOP when it comes to impeachment, getting rid of Obamacare and denying African Americans the right to vote. Sunday was Menstrual Hygiene Day around the world. Millions of girls and women especially refugees lack the hygiene and facilities to attend to their fertility issues. I read about this in an article posted at The Conversation. It was written by Dr. Marni Sommer from Columbia University who joins us today from Tanzania where she is working inside two refugee camps. Then we lighten the mood talking with my old and dear friend Jon Ross. Jon’s a comedian, a comedy writer and provides a follow up to last week’s conversations with Jake Johannsen and Fred Stoller about the early days of the San Francisco comedy scene. Marc Hershon hosts Succotash, writes for the Huffington Post and Splitsider and has written several screenplays for the Hallmark Channel. He joins us from Sausalito to discuss which podcasts we should be downloading, and then recalls the early days of San Francisco’s standup explosion. Plus, she’s back! House is in the Laura! Laura House is in love and on our show.

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Produced by Alicia Cordova

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Comics Greg Fitzsimmons & Joe DeVito

David talks to Greg Fitzsimmons about bringing your kids to see you do stand-up, Howard Stern, Greg’s father and having male friends.

David talks to Dave Juskow about his live productions of the Godfather, Mel Brooks’ and Carl Reiner’s shockingly horrible taste in Chinese food and living single in Manhattan.

Then comedian Joe DeVito joins Dave and David to discuss women, Saturday Night Fever, how cats are the root of all problems, nature being constantly at war with us, how men pets animals differently than women do, emotional triage in Manhattan, whether a dog can become an alpha and the dangers of young comics throwing away material.

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