A Sitcom Salon Derailed

Once again Feldman takes an innocent discussion on sitcom writing and steers it into something nobody wants to talk about. Aaron Shure is currently a co-executive producer and writer for The Office on NBC. Shure was an executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond for which he won two Emmy awards in the “Outstanding Comedy Series” category. He was a consulting producer and writer for the HBO sitcom Lucky Louie, and a consulting producer and writer for The New Adventures of Old Christine, and he sometimes blogs on the Huffington Post. Daniel Lappin is an Israeli comedy writer who created Life Isn’t Everything which ran for nine seasons on Israeli television. He also produces the Israeli version of Everybody Loves Raymond. Steve Skrovan is a friend of the show who was also an executive producer of Raymond as well as the director of An Unreasonable Man. Plus Will Ryan.


  1. Oh, I see, that description was meant ironically.

    What the heck is going on with Feldman? Time for an intervention. Here’s hoping that Mike McRae is working on his Feldman-impersonation, so they can dowse this “style” of interview in all the derision it deserves on the next Jimmy Dore show.

    You’re trying to listen to what the guest is allowed to say, wildly distracted by your own fuming over the rudeness of the host. Intelligent people who have something to say should be given some time to do so, not lectured about “the art form” of podcasting and cut off while elaborating on a point. Pros like Shure can at least poke some fun at the grilling, but PLEASE TRUST US, it’s no fun at all. I’m falling out of love with this podcast. HELP!

  2. I guess I’m one of the crazies who listened all the way to the end. 🙂

    Interesting show. More information than I could take in at once, but it was interesting to hear.


  3. I am planning on re-listening to the show, it was great! Very dense in information, but really interesting and fascinating. As far as the “island” test is concerned, that can apply very well if you want to tell who is Eastern European vs. Western European. 🙂

  4. This was really a fantastic show, David, utilizing your new philosophy for what a podcast can be. Great job.

    One major correction that needs to be made, however. You stated up front (definitively) that Noam Chomsky is in favour of a one-state solution when it comes to Israel-Palestine. I’m not sure where this came from; he actually has been in favour of a 2-state solution since forever, along the 1967 borders “with minor and mutual adjustments” (to use the language he often references). Take a look at any Chomsky interview, book or lecture and you can confirm this.

  5. Great show. I also listened to the end. I intend to send this to all my Jewish friends and relatives . Very educational. Keep it up David.

    Also, quit apologizing to Jimmy (whom I love) and everyone else and do your thing. It’s your podcast. If you did what Jimmy does we wouldn’t need him. I want you both.


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