Best Of The Left’s Jay Tomlinson

jay tomlinson

Frank Conniff returns from New York with silk and spices from the East along with Laura House. Also a conversation with the host of Best Of The Left’s Jay Tomlinson.

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  1. “Best of the Left” is a valuable source of inspiring, often fun, and sometimes enlightened political talk. (I think it’s where I found Feldmann in the first place.)

    But. It is also, and I would say in equal measure, a cesspool of unbearable vanity, loudmouthery and self-righteous douchebaggery.

    While people like Cenk Uygur balance their tendency to be overbearing bloviators with real talent and tremendous knowledge, many of the voices on BoTL have no such redeeming qualities.

    Suffering from the grating voices of Elon James White, Jamie Kilstein or Allison Kilkenny makes this lefty want to get a lobotomy and become a Limbaugh-listener.

    Want a lesson in why we libs are so unbearable as a species? Listen to some of the ridiculous infighting in the voice messages to Jay at the end of the show. Jesus Christ, are we really that ridiculous?

    Thank GOODNESS for the skip-button, which enables us to jump from Feldman to Dore to Seder to Savage while listening to this show, not to mention the awesome ability to skip Jay Tomlinson’s hamfisted musical choices.

    All in all, if Best of the Left is really the cream-of-the-crop selection it claims to be, we’re not THAT much better than our knuckle dragging counterparts on rightwing radio.

  2. If you think Best of the Left or Jay are radical left, try his cohort Katie Klabusich, who runs his Twitter feed and social media. She thinks questioning the Jackie UVA story makes you part of the problem and is proof of rape culture. She’s a hysterical outrage vulture who’s beyond all reasoning if you point out any issue with a “minority” victim whether it’s rational or not, and gets as entrenched as the most staunch conservative. She’s not reasonable, Jay is mealy-mouthed and goes on and on about a point without getting much to the point, and I only listen to get some liberal talk show diversity and usually skip past his monologue.

    There’s one caller that calls sometimes who’s like a light in a dark alley, he sounds southern but he’s more reasonable and progressive and eye-opening than most people on the show; we need more dog sense like that, he tends to say stuff that ends up being talking points much later, like he realized before everyone else, and I think his cultural filters just aren’t dirtied by popular talk shows. We need more of that, not this far-right or -left aggression or victim complex. It drives me nuts that I try to find an umbrella of truth to shelter myself from the acid rain of the greedy and authoritarian only to find it spring up on the other side.


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