Capturing Drug Lord El Chapo



Mexico’s Drug Lord El Chapo was captured on Saturday, so the D.E.A.’s Sean Dunagan joins us. Before joining L.E.A.P. Sean was the D.E.A.’s senior intelligence research specialist in Mexico. Eventually his family had to be evacuated from the country as a result of cartel violence while he was stationed there. Sean says, “Chapo Guzmán is a ruthlessly violent criminal, and the Mexican authorities who brought him to justice should be commended. Unfortunately, in the big picture, his arrest will do nothing to keep drugs off of our streets or reduce the level of prohibition-related violence in Mexico, Chicago, or anywhere else. As long as we continue the failed strategy of prohibition, violence and corruption will be hallmarks of the drug trade.” Sean joined LEAP after he realized the war on drugs was only making things worse. A fascinating interview that will make it easier to understand the role America plays in the Mexican drug war.

Also film critic Michael Snyder.


  1. Howdy Davie- Why is “cartel” reserved for illegal drug businesses? Isn’t Cumcast a cartel? Citibank? Verizon? News Corp? Monsanto? Pharma? How come the Satanist money launderers for the drug cartels who run HSBC & have blood on their hands up to the elbows are free? They should totally be prosecuted under the RICO laws for their being an integral part of the drug cartels’ operations. They literally are the banker from Scarface.
    At the end of the day, cocksuckers like jamie dimon laugh at the Chapos of the world who, vicious and cunning and succesful as they are, remain lightweights on the global gangster scale. They’re at the kids’ table.
    That being said, the dimons & Chapos of the world are the same poisonous creatures but grown in different soils; ruthless, cold narcissists. Head of the IMF or the Sinaloa or Zeta cartel or Standard Oil…same fuckin guys.

  2. I like your show, I support your show (Amazon), but I don’t like Mr. Snyder (tone, attitude and opinions). It has gotten to the point that whenever he’s introduced, that’s it for me, show over.


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