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Monday, June 17, 2019

Cosby & Fear of The Black Man

Professor of Law Jody Armour joins the show today to talk with David about Bill Cosby, Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and the state of racism in America today.

Lenzi Sheibel President Of Fund Texas Choice

It has become increasingly difficult this year to get an abortion in Texas. According to the New York Times, in 2013 the number of clinics in Texas was 41 but in 2014 it is...

Broadway’s Grande Dame Andrea Martin

Two time Tony Award winning comedian/actress Andrea Martin talks about her new autobiography  'Lady Parts'. Then we are joined by Matt Rice, the director of Mercy For Animals discussing the horrible practices of Chick-fi.-A.

Chick-fil-A Tortures Animals

http://youtu.be/PInZNnuUOs8 Matt Rice is the director of investigations for Mercy For Animals. He details the horrific treatment of chickens in Chick-fil-A's sordid supply chain. Listen to our radio show:

Nancy Pelosi Finally Fires Steve Israel

http://youtu.be/kOsuR_D97GE DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, according to Howie Klein, is the worst DCCC Chair in modern history. We discuss his dismissal and what it means for the party.

Kevin Bartini & Douglas Tompkins

Kevin Bartini, the man who responsible for getting George Carlin Way created, whose  brilliantly funny album is available on Amazon, who is the warm up comedian for both the Colbert Report and Daily Show sits...

Citizen Radio & Kelly Carlin

Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny, the hosts of the daily podcast Citizen Radio, have a new book out called Newsfail, available now from Amazon and other online retailers. They stop by to talk about...

Joan Rivers About To Get Kicked Out of Writers Guild For “Scabbing”

Under Deal Made With Guild in 2013 Rivers Promised to Stop Writing During Strike, But Rivers Continues To Write Violating Union Rules Joan Rivers could face expulsion from the Writers Guild of America for failure...

David Feldman Show: Ralph Nader Answers Questions From Listeners

If you have a question for Mr. Nader please go to www.RalphNaderRadioHour.com and hit the "Ask Ralph" button. The Ralph Nader Radio Hour is produced out of the KPFK studios in Los Angeles for...

David Feldman Show: Fun Tips For Getting Kids To Eat Their Veggies

All parents have trouble making their children eat their fruits and veggies. Well we have the solution. Play this five minute interview and your kids will finish everything on their plates. Matt Rice is...

David Feldman Show: Here’s How To Vote Tomorrow

Howie Klein knows best, he tells us how to vote in tomorrow's primaries: http://youtu.be/ybe74n1e36s

Scott Budnick & Wayne Kramer

Tonight, Jerry Stahl talks Prison, Reform & Redemption with Hollywood exec Scott Budnick - who left his a career as successful producer (The Hangover Trilogy) to focus on his project, ARC - the Anti-Recidivism Coalition - and...
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