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Lee Camp

Lee Camp is a political satirist whose Moment Of Clarity podcast is available on iTunes and You Tube. His new CD is called Pepper Spray The Tears Away.

Originally broadcast June 23, 2012. Comedian Lee Camp says, “Apathy is unacceptable and Ambivalence is dangerous.” He talks about his new comedy CD. Lee first gained David Feldman’s attention when he appeared on Fox News morning show Fox & Friends in 2008, when, before the presidential campaign, they asked him to do left-wing jokes along with a right-wing comedian. Instead he went live on air saying “What is Fox News? It’s just a parade of propaganda, isn’t it? It’s just a…festival of ignorance.” The video clip went viral online and was viewed by millions.

Also on today’s show Sister Diane Donoghue is one of the leaders of “Nuns On The Bus” traveling to Wisconsin reminding Republican leaders of Christ’s teachings. Nuns On The Bus insists Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal specifically targets those whom Jesus commands us to protect.

Also The King Of TV Paul Goebel.


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Todd Glass

Todd Glass is appearing at the Comedy Attic In Bloomington, Indiana this week.

Originally broadcast June 19, 2012. Todd Glass is one of the funniest comics working today. Fast, spontaneous and careless, Todd dips his toe into the comedy river no matter how cold the water. He’s a great friend and his Comedy Central special is airing right now. Also movie reviews from Michael Snyder.

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Comic Myq Kaplan

In addition to beating David Feldman on Last Comic Standing Myq Kaplan is better educated and eats fewer dairy products than Mr. Feldman.

Myq Kaplan has appeared on the Tonight Show, the Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, Conan, and many other places that you might not care about. His CD, Vegan Mind Meld, was one of iTunes’ top ten best-selling comedy albums in 2010.

The Comedians magazine calls him “a comedy machine, in the best possible way. the way that some machines vend soda or prevent other machines from killing future revolutionaries – that’s how Myq Kaplan does comedy: relentlessly, methodically, unblinkingly.”

A Jewy-ish atheistic vegan who spells the name “Mike” weird (sorry or you’re welcome), Myq enjoys words, social justice, Netflix, and comic books. Also non-comic books, ping-pong, and being great with women. And grammar and run-on sentence fragments.

Also on the show the King Of TV Paul Goebel.


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Comic Ben Gleib

The very funny Ben Gleib tells us about touring with Dane Cook and how unattractive David Feldman is.

Originally broadcast June 7, 2012. Nerd Nerdlinger, The Pope’s Butler, White People and The Koch Brothers. Eddie Pepitone, Frank Conniff, Davis Weiss, Dylan Brody, Jeremy S. Kramer, Rick Overton, plus music from Will Ryan and Robin Roberts. Written by Jim Earl, David Weiss, Karen Simmons, Frank Conniff, Ben Gleib, Frank Conniff and Rick Overton.


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