Comic Ben Gleib

The very funny Ben Gleib tells us about touring with Dane Cook and how unattractive David Feldman is.

Originally broadcast June 7, 2012. Nerd Nerdlinger, The Pope’s Butler, White People and The Koch Brothers. Eddie Pepitone, Frank Conniff, Davis Weiss, Dylan Brody, Jeremy S. Kramer, Rick Overton, plus music from Will Ryan and Robin Roberts. Written by Jim Earl, David Weiss, Karen Simmons, Frank Conniff, Ben Gleib, Frank Conniff and Rick Overton.



  1. You guys suck and aren’t funny. You think if you laugh at your own jokes its funny but it just makes it unfunnier. Dont quit your day job. Oh right, you don’;t have one becuase nobody will hire you unfunny losers.

  2. Get Dane on. I saw him with Louie, he gives as good as he takes. Funny show. You need more women on the show. Besides Feldman.

  3. After a week of depressing news & depressing shows it’s nice you guys decided to do something stupid. Or as you called it on Facebook “silly.” I like stupid. Sometimes David gets all Keith Olbermann on us and he should do what he does best. Lay back and let other people be funny. Feldman’s a great writer, and he’s best when he knows his place. Is earl back for good?

  4. Zimmerann’s butler made me laugh way too hard. Now I must shower. Ben Gleib seems like a funny guy. Great to hear Eddie. Where’s he been?

  5. Proops. I want Proops. He used to do your show all the time, why hasn’t he been on this year? Or Patton? They won’t take your calls?


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