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Full Interviews With Our Guests

Comedians Eating It

Comedy Writer Tess Rafferty whose new book "Recipes For Disaster: A Memoir" talks about cooking, writing for television, eating, bleeding and her amazing parties.  Plus Film Critic Michael Snyder. Review this podcast on iTunes.

California Ban On Gay Therapy Is Put on Hold

California - State Ban on Therapy Too Change Gays Is Put on Hold - NYTimes.com. My interview with Senator Ted Lieu the author of the legislation:

Jonathan Miller: Talking With Evil

Does forgiveness play any role in politics? Jonathan Miller is a cofounder of No Labels, a bipartisan think tank committed to prodding lawmakers towards reaching across the aisle. He served as Kentucky State Treasurer from 1999 to 2007....

Jonathan Katz

Jonathan Katz won an Emmy for his work on Comedy Central's "Dr. Katz Professional Therapist." His new animated series is "The Explosion Bus." He co-wrote "House Of Games" with David Mamet, and has appeared...

Comic Jeff Ross

Host of Comedy Central's The Burn. Called "an heir apparent to such old-school masters as Buddy Hackett and Rodney Dangerfield" by the New York Times, Jeffrey Ross is feared and revered for his appearances...

“Happy” The Movie

Michael Pritchard stars in the new documentary "Happy" about our quest for happiness. Also Jimmy Dore, Stephane Zamorano and Frank Conniff. Plus Will Ryan & The Cactus County Cowboys. Michael Pritchard is a nationally acclaimed...

Kurt Eichenwald

New York Times bestselling author of Conspiracy of Fools and The Informant— recounts the first 500 days after 9/11 in a comprehensive, compelling page-turner as gripping as any thriller. In 500 Days, master chronicler Kurt...

Comedy Day

Forty Comedians.  One stage. A million laughs. Sunday September 16, 2012 it's Comedy Day. Will and Debi Durst on this Sunday's 32nd annual San Francisco Comedy Day.

Nathan Lane

Actor Nathan Lane talks about "The Good Wife," "Sleepwalk With Me," Neil Simon and Sid Caesar.

Russ Baker on CIA, JFK & Bush

Why was George Bush in Dallas the day JFK was killed? Russ Baker is a US investigative journalist and founder of the nonprofit website WhoWhatWhy.com. His recurring themes are politics, secrecy, and abuses of...

Director Susan Saladoff

Have Americans lost the right to sue? We debunk the myths of "Tort Reform" with director of the documentary Hot Coffee, Susan Saladoff. Hot Coffee is airing on HBO and is also available as...

Director Kirby Dick

Outrage, written and directed by Kirby Dick, tackles the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who promote anti-gay legislation. On today's show Kirby discusses the closeted Florida Governor Charlie Crist who a month ago came out...
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